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I've been reading many of the threads here re: tuition debt load, but I still feel compelled to ask - is anyone else in this situation? I'm speculating about CRNA school. I'm an ICU nurse with four years' experience. I have a... Read More

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    I am in the same boat with loans already. I didn't work during my ADN program and am just finishing up my RN to BSN and total debt will be around $75000 probably. With CRNA debt added in it will equal about $225000. I ask myself if it is worth it all the time and I think it will be. Just hoping I can live modestly and not go crazy once I graduate!

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    This is off topic, but how do you manager to still work PRN? Just curious. Thanks.
    Quote from Rd2CRNA
    Thinking about what you will owe in loans once done with school is definitely a scary thing! I will be around $160,000 when done. It's almost nauseating to think about. But it is worth it in the end. I have days where I think, "What am I doing to myself?" Then I go back into my ICU prn to work a 12 and say, "Oh yes, this is why I'm in anesthesia school." You realize that you don't want to be that old grumpy ICU nurse that has been there for 25 years and is stuck there being miserable while all the young nurses go off to school. Honestly, it is a large chunk of change, but you can still live comfortably even if your loans are a mortgage payment. With what you make per month, you can pay down your loans quickly. Also, some hospitals will pay back some of your loans if you sign a contract to work for them. If being a CRNA is your ultimate goal, go for won't be disappointed!
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    I was very PRN! I mostly went back on holidays and worked some 12 hours shifts here and there. Didn't work much at all. Got to be nearly impossible by senior year. I eventually ended up re-signing in my unit.

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