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  1. Hi everyone---I really need to some help urgently. My dad was diagnosed with an illness right when I started studying for boards. That was heart breaking but he has a good prognosis. I pushed through and did the entire apex program. I thought it was great. I also purchased the 3 core concepts exams and did those. I also went to a valley review. On the day of boards, I have never been so anxious in my life. Left my place 45 minutes early, still got lost, was late and crying when I got to the testing center. It was just a real bad day. Did I mention both of my parents are CRNA's? No pressure. Long story short, I failed my boards. I am smart. I am very aware of my weaknesses. I scored highest in advanced principles and worse in basic principles. I retest in about 2 weeks and I don't know what I should be focusing on. Im all over the place. Right now I'm focusing on valley memory master and so far it seems to be helping. I need some very simple advice. Im limited on time and can't read a textbook, or do 50 different things. Thank you for taking the time to try and help. Seriously.
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    I haven't taken boards, still in school. But, I have heard that Apex is the BEST resource to use for boards. Perhaps go through Apex, including the workbooks and practice exams again? You can also email the guys that run Apex, they will help you. See the First FAQ here! Frequently Asked Questions | APEX Anesthesia Review
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    IMHO Valley is no longer a good representative of boards. I would focus on what you missed from Apex and The core concepts exams and make flash cards for those questions plus any other questions you weren't entirely sure of and use that as your base study guide. You don't have time to focus on reading several different books. You need to focus on your weak areas. Also, you should handwrite your notecards since it has shown that writing increases memorization of the topic.
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    Thank you and I agree. No time to waste.
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    Thank you
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    Great tips

    Moved to SRNA forum for other tips from students. Best wishes - you got this!
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    Ok thank you
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    Not getting any replies in the SRNA forum, can we go back to the CRNA one?
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    You will pass! some really strong SRNAs have failed boards the past 2 or 3 years.

    but why 2 weeks? How far off were you from the magic 450?

    Anxiety may be an issue, and you should try to manage that.

    It can seem like you should focus on the things you think you missed last time, but your next try will likely be completely different. For example you may have a lot on obesity on the first exam, and nothing on obesity the second exam. Review broadly. Don't be surprised that it seems harder the second time, because if you are doing better you will be given more difficult quesitons so don't let that make you anxious.

    Don't give yourself a timeline that will not put yourself in the strongest position possible. If you fail a second time, your confidence can fall. Set yourself up for success. Maybe 2 weeks is the right time, and maybe 3 or 4 weeks is the right time.