CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin - page 2

Hello all, I'm currently applying to both RF and Northshore. I am not from the area and would like to gather additional information. Does one school offer something the other school doesn't? ... Read More

  1. by   Furix01
    Where did you interview?
  2. by   Furix01
    Did anybody hear from rush?
  3. by   GaMommy81
    Is anyone applying to Rosalind Franklin for Summer 2017?
  4. by   carold
    what is your email? i have questions for you
  5. by   Zlndr23
    Marcopolo, Can you PM or email me in regards to Rosalind Franklin so I can pick your brain with a few questions? Thanks!
  6. by   nursenikki007
    Hey Marcopolo!

    I have questions regarding both NorthShore and Rosalind Franklin, I applied already to NorthShore and I am waiting for a call back (hopefully!). I tried PMing you, but I am unable to do. Would you mind PMing me so I can pick your mind?
  7. by   Furix01
    Hey nursenikki007. I can answer some questions about NorthShore you have an email handy?
  8. by   MLB4
    Anyone who has any questions for NorthShore can PM me.
  9. by   Furix01
    Hey MLB4 were you accepted in a program? Which one?
  10. by   MLB4
    Furix01 - Yes, I was accepted at NorthShore.
  11. by   SEWRN
    Are you currently attending northshore? Got my acceptance letter for fall 2019 start date. Wondering if I can pic your brain a little about how the program is going.
  12. by   kayjulia
    I am applying now at RFU in hopes to begin 2018. How do I message you privately?