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I have a dilemma here! Considering applying for CRNA school next year for starting class of 2014 but I am not sure if I should wait one more year for the added experience and chance to gain better... Read More

  1. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    Question, do CRNA schools care in general if you worked in a level 1 trauma center vs. community hospital ICU?
  2. by   scgamecock
    you'll definitely get higher acuity patients at the level 1 trauma center. But in the end it all comes down to how knowledgeable you are in your specialty.
  3. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    This thread is 2 years old now and I have been following this thread for a while. I'd like to know if there is something I can improve on as of now because I'm going to be applying this year. Figured that I got nothing to lose so yea.

    Stats now-
    Will have little over a year's good experience at a level one trauma facility/teaching hospital, working in transplant/surgical ICU
    Overall/cumulative total 3.7
    BSN/core nursing classes 3.6
    Science 3.9
    Last 60 hours/units/credits 3.6

    pre-req courses:
    Anatomy - A
    Physiology - A
    Chemistry -A
    Statistics - B+ first time, retook it for an A
    Pharmacology - B+ first time, took a graduate FNP pharm for an A
    Pathophysiology - B first time, retook it for an A-
    Research - A
    Health/Physical Assessment - A
    Will be taking org/biochem this coming fall semester.
    Plan on taking physics and biology PRN.

    BLS, ACLS, PALS, PHN (I'm proud to be a public health nurse too!)
    Planning to take the CCRN and TNCC once I get enough hours.

    Others: AACN member, and leadership/public/community volunteer. I Have shadowed CRNAs/MDAs too. Plan on taking the GRE too. Racked up letters of recs too.

    I'd just like to know if there's anything else I can improve on. Like the OP I want to do this in just one shot and I feel that maybe I don't stand out as there are fierce and tough applicants. I even feel nervous about even applying just for an interview.
  4. by   Screen name
    You look good on paper. Based on the information you posted I think you'd get interviews. However, half the picture is missing - CCRN, GRE and references. I think if you nail those three you won't just get into a program, you'll be able to choose where you go.
  5. by   sweetdreameRN
    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! You have worked hard, you have good experiences, take the stinking CCRN and GRE and get your buns in CRNA school!

    The interview can be rough, but just beef up on your CCRN stuff and fall back on the knowledge you already have. You are likely going to get in, but you can't tell me the chance isn't worth wasting $100 application fee if you don't! GOOD LUCK!
  6. by   tsicuRN1
    Scooby-Do! I tried to send you a PM but it won't let me since I don't have enough posts on this site. If you send me another PM w/ an email address or something I'll send it to you again