Case Western CRNA interviews for 2011

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    Wondering if anyone else has received a letter from Case stating that they will be contacting them in the future to schedule an interview with their anesthesia dept for the class starting 2012? The letter arrived at my home on Sept. 13th and I'm still waiting for the phone call to set up an interview date.
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    I received a letter during the summer. I actually asked someone last week about it and they said they have not started to set up interviews yet. No word on when they will. I know that they normally have two rounds, one in September and one in October.
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    The AANA is here accrediting the school so I'm sure after next week they'll start calling
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    I also got a letter around the same time but have not received a call yet. I am kind of thankful because I just got back from interviewing at VCU.
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    Good to know! Thanks everyone!
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    Good luck!
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    Now the middle of October....anybody called for their interview yet?
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    No, haven't heard anything yet. But I did see on another thread that some people did not interview until February of this year. Hope it won't be that long, maybe that was the second wave of people interviewing.
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    Nothing yet on my end either. Anxiously awaiting the phone call. I think you are right Sedatetime. The people that interviewed in February may be the second wave of people. Keep me posted!
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    Just an FYI: I got a call today to interview. I was given a choice between 2 dates, 1 in November and 1 the first of December. So I would think everyone should be getting a call if they haven't already.
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    Thank you for the update. My friend from work was called on Tuesday and her interview is the first week of November. I still have not received a call. I was going by the assumption that maybe they were doing it alphabetically (my friend's last name is at the beginning of the alphabet and mine more towards the middle). Atleast this is what I'm hoping and that they haven't forgotten about me. Good luck Sedatetime!!
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    Yea, it's possible. My last name is in the middle and I got the call Friday. I doubt they forgot about you. You will probably get a call Monday.
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    I received my call Friday to interview at the end of November. I would imagine interviewing dozens of candidates would take some time....

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