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Hey! I did not see a thread for nurses applying to Baylor's CRNA program for 2018 so I decided to start one.I am applying to Baylor and UTHSC - Houston for classes starting in 2018. I have been... Read More

  1. by   chandelier
    Dr. Walker let us know that at the opening session during his presentation. About 120 or so applied and 48 were selected to interview. Parking is closest at garages 4,6 and 7. I parked at 7 since it is most familiar to me with a straight walk to the school and least probability of getting lost. But 4 and 6 are closer. I think a map is provided on the link sent with the invitation if i'm not mistaken. It might give you a better idea of what to use. Parking cost me 12dollars for the whole day.
  2. by   ikjjuni366
    Oh.. Dr. Walker mentioned that. I see. How was interview in general? Did it really last until 5 pm? And thank you for your info for parking!!!
  3. by   chandelier
    It was great and very relaxing. Mixture of both personal and clinical questions. We met 5 faculty members individually just like they said in the letter with long breaks in between to decompress and that's why it did last until 5p.m. after which we had a tour of the campus. We spoke to first year students in the program all day long and one or two second year students popped in and they were very forthcoming about the program. We voted against the social due to inclement weather but the previous years' socials were said to have been fun.
  4. by   ikjjuni366
    Great! Thanks for letting me know all that!
  5. by   chandelier
    You are most welcome!
  6. by   Trauma-Nurse
    Hi Chandelier,
    Did the student's provide much insight about the course load? Did it seem like they felt overwhelmed, or handling the load pretty well? I find the structure of the didactic phase very interesting, since the terms seem to fluctuate in length. Some terms are anywhere from 5-10 weeks, so I wonder if having this type of structure makes the heavy coursework more doable?
  7. by   cRN2
    When you guys for September interviews re-confirmed your attendance did you receive another confirmation email after?
  8. by   chandelier
    The presentation included a nice and more detailed run through of the curriculum.The students we spoke to the most were two semesters in and thus could only speak to their experience. They said the first semester which was online mostly was doable with a lot of weekly writing assignments, but one could finish these assignment 3-4 days earlier and have the rest of the week off. The second/current semester was loaded with science courses with a lot of coursework. Doable but very intense. The semesters are structured to make the course load more doable but it still is a lot of material that requires complete immersion to stay on top of the information provided.
  9. by   Trauma-Nurse
    Thank you so much for the information! That definitely correlates with what I am seeing on their student handbook. I am excited to interview next month, seems like an awesome program.
  10. by   TXCVICURN
    Any update when the second group of interviews will take place at Baylor?
  11. by   chandelier
    Just got a call from Dr. Walker with an offer into the Baylor CRNA program!! I'm super freaking excited!!!!!!!!
  12. by   Jwiedemann
    Just got the call from Dr. Walker with an offer as well! So excited!! Goodluck to everyone!
  13. by   cRN2
    I received a call this morning as well! Congrats guys! Lets get connected! Does someone want to make a FB page or something?