Average age of SRNA?

  1. Hey guys, Just wondering what you all perceive to the average age of SRNA at your schools. I'm 27 and started in the ICU 3 months ago, so prob won't be in school for CRNA until i'm 30? If i get in
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  3. by   MurseWithAMission
    I'm 29, and I just got accepted to a program and will start July, 2012 (I will be 30 in August, 2012). I think I am probably around the avg. age.
  4. by   3ccBolus
    I am one of the youngest in my class at age 24. I think our range is from 24 to 40.
  5. by   ICU, RN, BSN, B.S.
    cool. woah 24, did you get into the ICU right after college?
  6. by   MurseWithAMission
    I got into the ICU right after graduation. My problem was that I already got my BS in Pre-Med so I had to go back and get my nursing degree. Wasted years! Lol.
  7. by   ICU, RN, BSN, B.S.
    So you got 4 year in pre-med, and then did an accelerated BSN??? how could you get a BSN and be in CRNA school at 24? did you finish your BS in pre-med in a year? i'm so confused. Did you go to college when you were 16?
  8. by   MurseWithAMission
    Lol. I'm 29! I'm not the 24 year old. Graduated pre-med at age 22. Worked for 4 years. Went to 22 month accelerated program when I was 26. Worked in ICU right out of school at age 28. Will start CRNAS school at age 29.

    Sorry to confuse you!
  9. by   love-d-OR
    I'm 26, and I think I'm one of the youngest. But we may have a 25 year old, though I'm not too sure
  10. by   ICU, RN, BSN, B.S.
    Oh haha sorry I didn't look at the usernames. I was going to say!!! That makes no sense lol.
  11. by   ICU, RN, BSN, B.S.
    Nice. I wish I got into the ICU right after I graduated. I spent almost 3 years on a medical/tele floor.
  12. by   3ccBolus

    Yes, I was fortunate enough to land a job in a high acuity ICU right after graduation. I basically knew that I wanted to be a CRNA straight out of high school, so that helped me not waste any time, and helped me focus my efforts. Not that any time spent practicing nursing is a waste by any means. I worked for 2.5 years with some of the sickest patients in my area, and very little support in the way of new technology or adequate staffing.. So I think it toughened me up pretty well and gave me the clinical knowledge that I need.
  13. by   meep meeps
    People in my program range from 23-42, most people fall in the 26-32 range but I have no idea the class average. I'm 28 and sometimes I feel like I'm one of the oldest ....
  14. by   kenmartins
    I'm the youngest in my class. I'm 25 and I graduate September 2013 at an advanced age of 27.haha
    Graduated from college at 21 and worked in a medical ICU for 4 years before CRNA school.