Anyone applying to Drexel, Excela, Villanova, or Tornetta for 2013?

  1. Hello,

    I just sent off my application for Drexel, Excela Health, Villanova, and Frank J. Tornetta School of Anesthesia for their 2013 class. I was really surprised how early they were taking applications for 2013 but since they do rolling admissions, I guess it's more of a first come first served basis if you meet the criteria. I was told they have already filled the seats for their 2012 class already. I am so excited. The program coordinators and directors from all 4 programs were very nice on the phone and very encouraging. I am applying to the Post-Masters Anesthesia program since I have my MSN in Nursing Education. I was told the schools will conduct interviews in the spring (2011). I was told if you were called for an interview, it indicates a very good chance you would be accepted into the program. I am so nervous. Is anyone else applying for the 2013 class at these schools?

    In 2012, I am planning to apply to East Carolina, University of Maryland, St. Mary's University in Minnesota, and SUNY at Buffalo. The good thing is that these schools are not close to taking applications for 2013, which allows me to set aside the money for the application fees, which quickly add up. Some anesthesia programs that are at hospitals require you to pay an application fee to them as well as the University they are affiliated with also.

    It would be nice to hear from other potential applicants for 2013.
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  3. by   missnurse01
    Hey! I am a 2013 hopeful as well, but you are way ahead of me! I have not narrowed my list of choices down as far as you have yet, I have about 50 schools left to sift through. Since we are not constrained to a particular geographic location, I took the entire list and whittled it down. I am happy to have cut the choices down in half! I haven't thought about schools with early or rolling admissions, just figuring that I would apply in 2012. Guess I need to narrow down the list even more and make some decisions! It's hard since sometimes there is not a lot of info about programs online, or reviews from students. This site has been great, but a lot of schools aren't represented here with personal experience. I am also in the middle of taking a bunch of chem now...2 of 5 in progress!

    Good luck to you and keep posting your journey!

  4. by   missnurse01
    excela and villanova are on my possibilities list...are these the only school you are applying to?
  5. by   BChil
    i submitted my application about a month ago and Drexel told me that they only had 5 slots left open for the 2013 class and that they were looking to start filling the 2014 class.... talk about long ways away! hopefully i get into a class sooner than this at the other schools im applying to
  6. by   SRNA4U
    Did you get an invitation from Drexel for their open house? I just received an email from Drexel asking me to come to their nurse anesthesia open house on March 10th. I was told its better to come becuase when they interview you for admission, the first question they ask is have you been to their open house. I was tld if you say no, it could hurt your chance for admission since their open house is the time for you to meet the Director and other members of the anesthesia faculty and they often put a face to a name. I was told my application has already met the admissions review but interview letters would not be sent out until the spring.

    When I talked with Villanova, they told me they would be sending out their interview letters in 2-3 weeks for the 2013 class and that was about a week ago...I guess I should hear something by the middle of February.

    I'm still waiting on my work schedule to come out for March 10th so I can make it to the open house session at Drexel. The good thing is that I live 10 mins from DC and Philadelphia is only a 3 hour drive.

    Excela said they would review my application in 2012 which I thought was strange since I was told they did rolling admissions.
  7. by   BChil
    im going to the drexel and the upenn open houses in march...i live far from philadelphia now but my family is from the area so ill take that time to visit both family and the schools.... maybe i will see you there!
  8. by   SRNA4U
    I received my acceptance letter into Villanova's Post Masters Graduate Nursing program on yesterday. The next step is for them to forward the application to the medical center, which decides on the interview. I just got an email today from the Anesthesia Program Director for an invitation to interview in May. I am so excited and nervous. I thought this process went very fast for me to have just received the acceptance letter from Villanova and now I have made it to the interview process. I am still planning to attend Drexel's Nurse Anesthesia Open House scheduled in March.
  9. by   Williams75
    Hi Air Force RN,
    I was called for an interview in April for Villanova.I also heard that the class of 2012 is full.I am so nervous because I really do not know what to expect from the interview.That was the only interview I got and I really want to do this!! It was nice to hear the positive remarks about your chances. I hope will be ok.If you have any insight please share with me.I will be very grateful!!
    Have a great day!
  10. by   SRNA4U
    The interview letter I received from Crozer Medical Center stated they still had seats for 2012 class and that they would still be interviewing for those seats. Too bad I am still in the military until 2013. I would have loved to try to get into Villanova's 2012 class.

    By the way, I just got a call this morning from Frank J, Tornetta School of Anesthesia for an interview. The Director's secretary left a message for me to call the Director next week since he is interested in offering me an interview for a spot in their Post-Masters Certificate Anesthesia program. So far, this is the 2nd out of 4 schools that I applied to that has contacted me. I was told that Drexel would be sending out interviews for their 2013 class sometime early spring. I also applied to Excela Health School of Anesthesia as well.

    I was planning to apply to East Carolina University and University of Maryland next year but the ways things are looking, I'm just ready to go to the first school that selects me. I really would like to attend Villanova since they have a good reputation for their anesthesia program. I heard from previous students that they normally work 6am to 3pm and then they are done. I hear some of their courses are online and they allow you take your non-anesthesia courses before you start the program once you are accepted. That would definitely lighten up the load. I also like the fact that Villanova starts clinicals in November of the first semester of school, which will really integrate the classroom content. I am so excited but nervous about the whole interview process.

    Which class are you applying to for Villanova? I have already started looking at 1-bedroom apts in Philly. I just bought a BMW 750Li in December but I am defintely going to trade it in if I attend school in Philly since I wont be working.

    Air Force RN
  11. by   wannapassgas
    Am I the only person who finds it kind of absurd that schools are already filling for 2013 and 2014!?!?!?! I mean we aren't even half way through 2011!!!!! It's crazy!

    I mean what do they do if people for the 2013 class get accepted and start at other school in 2012? Then do they bump up the 2014 people??

    I can see filling for 2012 but 2014....give me a flippin break!!

    My opinion----that's completely crazy!
  12. by   SRNA4U
    I just received an invitation to interview with Drexel University. So far, out of 4 schools I have applied to, I have 3 interviews scheduled. The last school, Excela Health, said they would start lookig at 2013 applicants next year with interviews being conducted around Aug 2012. I got my fingers crossed. Anyone else attending the Open House at Drexel University this Thursday?

    Air Force RN
  13. by   ckh23
    Just got my acceptance from Villanova and will be going in June for the interview. I also just mailed out my app today for Drexel. I have never heard of anything about going to the open house so I'll have to check that out.
  14. by   SRNA4U
    I went to the Open House a few weeks ago at Drexel and I must say I am very impressed with the school. Drexel is now my first choice for school over Villanova but I will take whatever I can get. We went to the Sim Man Lab and then to the anesthesia classroom where the lectures are held. We went over the curriculum and met a student who just finished her first semester. She told us about the interview process and the types of questions they ask. The thing I like about Drexel is that they will allow you take your non-anesthesia courses online before you start the program which leaves you with about 2 classes a semester. They then charge you non-billable credit hours so you can keep your full-time status to maintain your financial aid as a full-time student even though you are attending part-time. The clinical director was awesome...he was the one who led the anesthesia break-out session for us.

    Air Force RN