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I have just gotten accepted into UM's CRNA program beginning in August 08, and am wondering if anyone out there has observed their students in clinicals and or had any feedback about their program. I do know it is a relatively... Read More

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    Quote from 2bcrna4heisman
    I am assuming you mean the program at University of Miami, Coral Gables. I am slated to start there in a few weeks. I applied/was accepted to 5 programs over the past year, and, after doing a lot of homework on the matter, decided that UofMiami was the best fit for me. They are new and do have some kinks still (as some students in the program report), but the new program director has the program headed in a great direction. I also heard some insider info on the latest accreditation review by AANA that they said they would rank the program at UMiami in top 10 of newer programs.
    Thanks for the information. I have an interview there on December 10th.

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    Baby 831, how was the interview? what questions did they ask. I have an interview on November 6th. Please advise

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