Any applicants to Florida Gulf Coast University? - page 6

I'm looking at applying to FGCU and Wolford College for admission in Spring 2013. I was curious if there is anyone who recently interviewed at FGCU and what the interviews are like? I've found... Read More

  1. by   Terpole
    still nothing...

    I called the SON two days ago and the person I spoke with said the committee has yet to meet and the earliest we can expect something is sometime next week
  2. by   Terpole
    Anybody heard anything yet? It's less than two weeks from the start of interviews and I haven't heard anything yet.
  3. by   Conrad283
    I haven't heard anything yet either. I'm anxiously waiting to hear
  4. by   shani1541
    Just got a call for an interview next week
  5. by   Terpole
    Yeah, me too!
  6. by   shani1541
    What day are you going ??
  7. by   NurseAMK
    I go for an interview next week, as well! Good luck, everyone!
  8. by   carim
    I got a phone call this morning as well for an interview Monday! Eek!
  9. by   Terpole
    I'll be there on Thursday. They only offered two days to me, which was the 24th or the 27th.
  10. by   carim
    Does anyone know what to expect from the interview?
  11. by   NurseAMK
    I was only offered two days. Do we know how many they are going to accepted/interview?
  12. by   carim
    I know in the past they have interviewed about 30 people. I believe they can only take up to 16 people, but when I talked to the director a few months ago, he mentioned trying to move the class size up to 18. I know in the past they used to really only do getting to know you questions, but I heard that they were changing the whole interview process this year. Does anyone else have any insight?
  13. by   Conrad283
    I got a call today as well. I'm going on July 12th.

    I asked Prof Lansden if there was anything I needed to prepare for in the interview and he said no, just be yourself.