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I'm looking at applying to FGCU and Wolford College for admission in Spring 2013. I was curious if there is anyone who recently interviewed at FGCU and what the interviews are like? I've found plenty of info about Wolford but... Read More

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    Would you guys mind telling me where you got your BSN, your overall GPA, your nursing GPA, GRE scores, and how much nursing experience you had? Trying to see what goals I should set... Thanks!
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    I'm interested! Is it still available?
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    I am applying for their spring '14 admission...can anyone shed light on the interview? That's what I am most nervous about haha...
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    hey jon.

    I'm also applying for spring '14 admission. I don't have any info except some emails with the program director. I just asked him about clinicals and stuff. I've got everything done and sent in except the GRE. I've also been accepted into another program out of state but it's super expensive if you're an out of state student. Going to FGCU would save me a ton of money, but it's nice to I have a backup in case I don't get accepted. I'll send you a PM
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    No offense to any alumni or current students, but i would not rec. this program. Do not take my word for it, do your own research and ask questions at the interview.

    Not organized, only 2 CRNA professors with minimal teaching experience. Program is front loaded with 18 credits, however its more like 24 credits. Check there web site for semester schedules, all those 2 credit classes in the 1st semester, require the work of 4 credit classes.

    The CRNA and NP professors cancel 3 or more classes a semester. So what are you paying big bucks for? This program has fumbled the ball, but has not even realised yet. They are still waiting for someone to yell "fumble" so they can scramble to pick up the ball again.

    One NP professor was late to every class she taught: 5 min, 10 min, even 15 min. Very unprofessional, she was even 15 minutes late for our final exam.

    Put this program under a microscope before you accept. Ask questions and compare there schedule, and credit hours to other programs. Look at all the classes they want money for. 81 credit hours vs 60 credit hours. Oh ya, one more thing. Ask them how many students they accept, then ask them how many are in each years up coming classes, then do the math. Then do the math of how much money they are lossing, and ask yourself how long will the state throw money away before they get rid of it.

    Dont get me wrong, it can ne done. But quality is more important than quantity.

    If you do attend this program, the best advice any student will give you is... wait for it... wait for it: Shut up.

    Best of Luck in all your endevours, and thank you for the hard work i know you do.
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    How do you know what the program is like? Are you a current or past student?
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    As a current SRNA at FGCU I felt it necessary to respond to this thread. For those interested in the program, I would recommend applying. I am learning a ton in the program but more importantly, look at the pass rates of the school. That is hard evidence that the program is good and is up to par. Plus the fact that the program just received their 10 year accreditation, which is the highest level possible and the grads have 100% employment rate, many with multiple offers.

    As I am sure you are all aware, NA school is not fun and you will have to devote every hour of your day to studying. But if you want something bad enough, you will be willing to do that. The first semester is a heavy load, yes. You will have no life, true. You will be stressed out and maybe even think about quitting. But it is doable and I can tell you that you can survive it and do well but they expect a lot out of you.

    The program is small so there are only 2 CRNA instructors right now. You also only have 1 anesthesia class our first semester so does that really matter? Do you need a CRNA to teach you grad level health assessment? I don't think so. Some of your classes may be taught by professors from other departments. Our Anatomy class is taught by an anatomist, chemistry is taught by a chemist. Yes we do have some instructors that are nurse practitioners. Our instructors are some pretty caring people, especially the CRNA faculty. They all want to see you do well. You have to put the effort forward however.

    Expect that graduate school is totally different than undergrad. You will be expected to learn on your own sometimes. There is not nearly enough class time to learn everything you will need to know, or want to know. As far as the issues with the professors...I understand where the poster is coming from, especially knowing some background info that is not public to this board. Sometimes you get a professor that isn't as strong as others. I think of all of the degrees I've gone through (2 undergraduate and my nursing diploma)...Can you say that you've always had amazing professors in every program that you've been in for your whole academic career? High school etc? No I am sure that is not the case. So bad mouthing an entire program because of the experience of a certain professor is overreacting a bit isn't it?

    Don't start rumors about a program like that. The program is just fine. I like the small class size a lot. The clinical experiences are awesome and you lose that somewhat with some of the other larger programs in our area. By all means ask questions about any program you are applying to. Find one that fits you best. I am 100% happy with my choice and I stand by my school and my decision. Take this post from a disgruntled past student with a grain of salt.
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    For what it's worth I did my RN, BScN at FGCU. It is an absolutely wonderful school and beautiful campus!
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    hank you for your response! I did do some research and saw that FGCU did just receive their 10 year accreditation. To me, that says enough about the credibility of the program. Good luck finishing the program! Hopefully I will be able to say I am part of this next small class at FGCU!
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    Good luck!

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