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Hi All, I'm just another one of many contemplating applying to CRNA school. Something that would be extremely helpful to me would be for current SRNA's to give me a snapshot of what your... Read More

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    Average clinical day
    0415 - wake up cranky, hit snooze a couple times and stare at the TV news people because it's nice to know I'm not the only one up this early
    0500 - head to hospital (and I'm one of the later ones, many classmates already there)
    0520 - have changed and head up to OR to set up room and pray I don't have any major issues or to hunt for everything I will need. Mentally prepare for first induction
    0600 - please let my first patient be in pre-op so I can start interview & IV (but they are probably running late) tap my foot and pace if they are not there yet while BP rises and nerves are firing up
    0630 - hopefully have finished with the patient so I can have an intelligent discussion with CRNA. If so day starts off well, if not feel like a slacker
    0715 - off to OR to start the fun. Boy I hope I remembered everything I needed in that room. Why do I always forget to check for the PNS?
    1300 or 1500 - off to class depending on the day and lasts until 1600 or 1830. Go to gym if class ended at 1600 to work off all that nervous energy
    1. Prepare care plans for next day -1-3 hours depending on the cases. May have to go back to hospital if the patients are inpatients or to see patients from the previous day
    2. Eat something not too unhealthy but most likely cereal because I have no time to go to the store. And friends milk is often expired or empty
    3. Study because I probably have 2 tests or quizzes that week
    4. Read up again on any special techniques or procedures for the next day
    5. Shower and get to bed - always plan on 10pm, but usually around 11 +
    6. Stare at the ceiling and wake several time a night from nerves. Check the alarm clocks 2-3 times to make sure they are set for 4:15am

    Oh what a fun life!
    Wouldn't trade it right now!

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    OK...this is my day in the life with a husband and 2 kids (toddler and infant...for those of you with a family):

    Clinical day:

    Wake up at 0130 - because my infant is my natural alarm clock and he
    is letting me know he wants to eat

    0200 - 0400- do my careplan for my case and read if there is time
    0400 -0430 - prepare bottles / clothes for the kids
    0430-0500 - get dressed and packed for clinical (calculator, fine-tip sharpie, ezekial drug book, palm pilot, M&M book, clip board, 3 pens, stethoscope, nurse anesthesia pocket guide, lunch, anesthesia secrets book, oh yeah and my brain)

    0500-0501 - kiss the family
    0501 - 0510 - finally gather my things and get downstairs to start my drive
    0510 - 0530 - drive to site & pray for a good day and for me and my family
    0530 - 0540 - get to site and walk to OR
    0540 - 0630 - check my machine + circuit, draw up my drugs and prepapre syringes (INDUCTION - fentanyl, versed, lidocaine, rocuronium and/or vecuronium, propofol, succinylcholine REVERSAL - neostigmine+glycopyrrolate OTHER - atropine, ephedrine, neosynephrine), arrange my leads, check monitor settings / alarms, check suction, get blanket and 'pillow' arranged to ensure proper sniffing position, get intubating gear that I will use and may need (MAC 3, MILLER 2, handle, OG, BIS, lube, alcoholol wipe, 4x4, 7.0 & 7.5 cuffed tube with syringe and stylet - tested - , LMA 4 with syringe, esophageal temp probe or skin thermometer, oral and nasal airway, tongue blades)
    0630-0700 - preop my patient and any others that haven;t been preoped
    0700-0715 - go back and rearrange setup for patient and anesthesia type (General with tube or LMA or MAC)
    0715 - 0730 - wait for surgeon to arrive in preop holding and take patient in with circulator
    0730-0740 - apply monitors, preoxygenate and begin induction, start antibitiotics if ordered
    0740 -0745 - make sure patient is breathing or on vent, turn on gases, do a sweep, secure tube and place all other items on patient if wanted / needed (BIS, temp, OG)
    0745 - 0800 - case starts
    0800-0845 - case ends
    0845-0855 - patient wakes and is transported to PACU
    0855 - 0905 - endure sarcastic remarks and eye-rolls from PACU nurse for whatever reason (OK so you forget to HELP them place the pulse ox because you are trying to recover from being yelled at in the room), give report, final charting and chart / billing check, place papers in appropriate box
    0905-0915 - goto preop and check for patient and do history
    0915 - 0920 - RUN back to room and change circuit, draw drug that you need, prepare setup
    0920 - RUN back to preop and take patient back to OR with circulator

    THIS pretty much is the day until 1730

    You get a 30 min lunch, do preops on inpatients if your cases are done before 1730 and if your cases arent done by 1730 then you stay

    1730 - 1830 - pick up the kids if hubby cant, pick up food (hopefully something healthy)
    1830-2000 - shower, make sure kids and hubby eat and kids bathed and ready for bed (NOTE: dinner is a luxury for you)
    2000-2130 - put kids to bed
    2200- you finally get to sleep
    0200 - start clinical day again

    Studying is done interim and class days are from 0700 to 1800

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you ever sleep? LOL
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    Quote from candiceena
    Do you ever sleep? LOL
    Yeah weekends and day off if i have one LOL....
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    You rock. I have an interview for school in 8 days. I can't wait. I was just worried that if I got in I would miss my family tooo much. My kids would be 5 and 10 when I start. If you can do it with two and one being an infant, hats off to you. You will be my inspiration. Thanks. Anything you can add to the subject of school with kids would be great. I love reading these posts. Are there other students (moms) with kids?

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    Quote from mocha12

    You rock. I have an interview for school in 8 days. I can't wait. I was just worried that if I got in I would miss my family tooo much. My kids would be 5 and 10 when I start. If you can do it with two and one being an infant, hats off to you. You will be my inspiration. Thanks. Anything you can add to the subject of school with kids would be great. I love reading these posts. Are there other students (moms) with kids?

    MUCH luck and good vibes to you on your interview...just remember to breathe and relax...

    As for missing the kids, I will admit that if I truly sit down and think about it, I feel a bit guilty and do miss them but I had to change my schedule to fit my family as well as school to keep a ummmm balance and stop WWIII from happening at the homefront ;-). This is why when I get home, I don't study...I spend time with my toddler and hold my infant and do mindless internet surfing while ELMO and leap frog DVDs are playing in the background. This has helped me keep my motherly side alive. It is how I am present and I noticed that as long as I am accessible and around for my toddler (my infant just likes to be held and sit next to me) they are OK. At 5 and 10, I think they are better equipped to deal with your absence because they are mentally more mature. I am assuming your kids goto school and can understand the concept that mommy is also going to school. Mine are too young to understand that which is why I have altered my schedule. It is harder for me than others I will admit because I don't have the luxury to study when I want. Also, this doesn't account for pediatric office visits, runny noses and wet coughs...

    Can you do it??? YES definitely! Is it hard??? YES, DEFINITELY! There are quite a few moms in my class and a new mom! They are doing well in the program also....I mean 'well' in the context of NOT failing. If you are not failing, you are doing well. We all started with the desire to be magna cum but now we all just wanna pass...LOL

    In our program anything below 85 is failing and there are no curves in grad school. That is not the hard part...the clinical aspect will test every part of you because you will experience so many different attitudes, comments, failures, moments of brain and body miscommunication...you actually feel a neuron malfunction...LOL!

    There are times when I completely 'F' - up in clinical but then you learn from it and move on but you NEVER bring it home...THAT your kids wont understand. I am truly blessed because my kids are happy to see me when I get home and that makes it easier to forget that I just got yelled at and that the preceptor felt the need to tell everyone in the OR how incompetent I was...oh well so I get a bad eval in my book.

    Anyway, enough about my stories...

    Let me know if you wanna know my experience with the interview. I don't wanna post because sometimes it makes people more nervous. Also, schools are different too so keep that in mind. Hopefully you know someone in the particular program which you are applying and they gave you a scoop on the process...

    Again, much luck and remember there is NEVER a perfect time to start the program but there is always a perfect excuse so the right time is always now. Feel free to PM anytime...one thing I try to always do is check my emails to keep in touch with reality...totally backwards, I know...
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    I can not thank-you enough for your reply. You get to go to school, spend time with your kids and even post here. WOW!!! Hands down to you. You rock. I do know a few people in the program and the interview does not sound that bad. They ask you basic personal info but nothing clinical. The hard part is knowing that after the interview the decision will be made if you go or not. I want this more then anything!!! I have been an ICU nurse for over eight years and have been a nurse for 11. I am already 34 and want to be working as a CRNA by the time I am 38. I only applied to one school so my fingers are crossed.

    If you have time, I would to hear about your interview. These boards have been an obsession of mine for a while now. Best of luck in school.

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    Thanks for your wonderful posts. They really do inspire.

    Please do post your interview process and what school you are in if you don't mind. I'd love to be prepared for best and worst case scenarios!!

    Thanks again,
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    Well as for my interview...

    Why do you want to be a CRNA?
    What is your worse quality and your best quality?
    How would you handle a difficult surgeon?
    How do you work in a team?
    How have you prepared for being in the program considering you wont be able to work?
    How do you handle stress?

    OK....so the general questions are over...now comes the hard part...specific attacks at any weak point in my file...I had minimal ICU experience and my main experience was from ER & OR

    "There was research conducted on success rate in anesthesia school and nurse experience and it showed that ER and OR nurses had the worst outcome of all specialties and failed the program....what do you have to say about that?"

    Then I got asked about a life scenario about my kids and if one of them got sick what would I do? I don't know the right or wrong answer to this but I think I was asked this just to get to know who I am. I think no matter how one answers this as long as it shows compassion and concern while attempting to maintain a balance with school exemplifying that school is still an utmost priority, it is OK.

    I got asked about my experience

    Because of my lack of ICU experience, I got asked / told that there will be clinical situation where I am expected to know Swan, all the lines, etc...and how would I handle that...well, I answered to the best of my ability and not let them shake my confidence or will to succeed.

    My clinical question....you guys ready????

    Basically, would I resuscitate an HIV patient without an ambu...I gave my answer and statistical reasoning as to why (I found that those who had higher end scores really weren't asked tough clinical questions)

    That concluded my interview and I was told the panel was very impressed; fast forwarding...I got in.

    Here is what I have heard others being asked:

    In a 12 lead, where would you see anterior wall MI, inferior wall MI, etc...

    Given a 12 lead, what would you see

    ABG readings and what would you do

    Drug dosages , metabolism , receptor , site of action, etc (this is why you dont want to tell them all the drugs you work with unless you know them like the back of your hand)! (dopamine, fentanyl, versed)

    give a patient scenario that you have experienced where you had to be independent and stabilize the patient

    This is all I can remember...if I remember more, I will post...

    GOOD LUCK to all of you interviewing or trying to get in! If I can do it, all of you can do it!
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    FLAreN, your posts on this thread demonstrate an extreme anal tendency and great attention to detail. But I repeat myself.

    PERFECT qualities for a CRNA!

    Best of luck.

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