2017 arkansas state university crna applicants - page 5

Is anyone applying to the CRNA program at Arkansas State University in 2017?... Read More

  1. by   ICU_RN91
    No my interview was 8/24 also. I didn't ask how many they take. All-crna schools says 40. Asu crna 2018 Facebook group has 33 members. I can't imagine they had a large amount interviewing this week or next week
  2. by   MeissnerCorpuscle
    I believe Dr. Black said they were slated to take up to 50, but every year those numbers vary.
  3. by   ICU_RN91
    Does anyone know if today is the last day of interviews?
  4. by   Dream2BCRNA
    Has anyone heard anything? Has anyone received an offer yet?
  5. by   IcuNurse7742
    I interviewed Tuesday, and dr black said they still had a couple more to interview. She said they should send out acceptance/denial letters by the end of September
  6. by   ICU_RN91
    This is a very long process...
  7. by   Tn_rn2017
    Has anyone heard anything?
  8. by   sharay1989
    Quote from Tn_rn2017
    Has anyone heard anything?
    Nope! Nothing
  9. by   ICU_RN91
  10. by   Dream2BCRNA
  11. by   MeissnerCorpuscle
    Crickets on my ends as well....
  12. by   Proudnurse18
    Nope !
  13. by   MeissnerCorpuscle
    Does anyone know if we are supposed to expect acceptance/denial letters by ground mail or email?