What to do the summer in btw BSN and FNP

  1. I'm in a BSN/FNP program. We are allowed the option of taking a year off in btw BSN and FNP to work, travel, etc. I'm not taking a year off. Which leads to me to my question of, what do I do the summer in btw BSN and FNP? I doubt I will be able to find a RN job/new grad program considering my situation. No hospital would spend the $ or time for orientation/training on someone who is simply going to leave after summer. I may be able to work as a CNA on the floor I previously worked at, but thats not certain. Other options? Advice?
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  3. by   ChristineN
    What about a part-time RN job? Or perhaps an RN job doing health fairs/flu clinics, which are more likely to hire someone for a "seasonal" or as needed basis.

    You could also look into volunteering for a free clinic, I know the ones in my area would love to have an RN, and it would help familiarize yourself with the out-pt setting prior to NP clinical.
  4. by   JOJOba
    Thank you for the advice ChristineN. I will look into these options as well.
  5. by   NAURN
    PRN is an option too, something you can hang on to even during the program.
  6. by   ClassyChristina
    You could work at a camp! They always need nurses for the summer. Get a little sunshine and some prediatric experience.