What to do the summer in btw BSN and FNP

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    I'm in a BSN/FNP program. We are allowed the option of taking a year off in btw BSN and FNP to work, travel, etc. I'm not taking a year off. Which leads to me to my question of, what do I do the summer in btw BSN and FNP? I doubt I will be able to find a RN job/new grad program considering my situation. No hospital would spend the $ or time for orientation/training on someone who is simply going to leave after summer. I may be able to work as a CNA on the floor I previously worked at, but thats not certain. Other options? Advice?

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    What about a part-time RN job? Or perhaps an RN job doing health fairs/flu clinics, which are more likely to hire someone for a "seasonal" or as needed basis.

    You could also look into volunteering for a free clinic, I know the ones in my area would love to have an RN, and it would help familiarize yourself with the out-pt setting prior to NP clinical.
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    Thank you for the advice ChristineN. I will look into these options as well.
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    PRN is an option too, something you can hang on to even during the program.
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    You could work at a camp! They always need nurses for the summer. Get a little sunshine and some prediatric experience.

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