What are admissions faculty looking for in an essay?

  1. I'm in the process of applying for a BSN-DNP online program for Family NP. It's a very competitive program, so I feel the essay portion should stand out. What are recruiters looking for? What kinds of things written are received poorly? I'm not asking you to tell me exactly what to write, just wondering what things I should focus on in the essay. Thanks!
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  3. by   tigerlogic
    so, I just got started a ABSN program and it seems what my program looked for was life experience that you can bring to become a leader in nursing. I have classmates who have been involved in starting nursing schools in Africa, who have worked for embassies abroad, who have been lawyers for asylum seekers, who have work in government around supporting sexual assault victims etc. It's a crazy impressive cohort, previous experience wise. GPA wise, we're all solid and average around 3.7 but many of us in the 3.5 range, too. So, I guess, who ever read our essays chose the people who are going to be movers, shakers, and leaders in the upcoming healthcare debacle/restructuring/system.

    Write something inspiring and unique. Direct entry FNP programs are rare, so if it's a good school do everything you can to stand out.
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing

    First off, take a careful look at the question asked in the application. Be sure you answer whatever the question is. Not answering the question is one easy way to get marked down. Additional thoughts for a strong goals statement are below:

    Discuss why you are applying for a DNP/FNP, and why you have selected this school in particular.
    Why you are seeking a primary care APN role, and what about the DNP appeals to you?
    Where you envisage practicing, and how will you use a DNP preparation in that setting?
    Is there a faculty member with a particular evidence-based practice program that you would like to have mentor you at the school where you are applying? Who and why?
    Discuss any role that you have played in evidence-based practice studies through your unit (especially if they have resulted in a poster, paper, and permanent change in practice).

    Remember that you are applying for a doctoral program, so a more professional/academic approach is a better approach than a light, informal tone in your essay. Be sure to use proper APA format in any citations.
  5. by   SVT05
    [QUOTE= Be sure to use proper APA format in any citations.[/QUOTE]

    Are they typically looking for quotes?