Well my Georgetown University & University of Cincy apps are in...

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    Now to sit back for the next several weeks or more to find out...oye vay! =) Applied for April/May 2014 start dates for FNP, hoping I get into at least one of them =)....sigh

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    Well I THOUGHT my GU app was completed =( Had to request a letter from the advisors specifically stating that I will be finished with all degree requirements on December 8th but that it takes 6-8 wks for degree conferral for my BSN...sigh...another few days before they even send it in for review now...sitting and waiting really sucks! =)
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    just an update, I applied for May 2014 start for both UC and GU, still no word on acceptance or not. I also applied this week to Simmons College for their FNP that starts in March 2014, so waiting on that one as well =) After reviewing everything again, Simmons is the one I really want now due to more flexibility with course scheduling, while still utilizing the exact same technological platform and format that Georgetown University uses (at $30K less for that matter!!) UC is still my back up plan though. Honestly I've been a huge nervous wreck waiting on these acceptance/denials...I just wish I knew one way or the other already!!! =) Anyone else waiting for answers???? Commiserate with me please LOL
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    Hi Tasha!

    I'm stalking your postings as I figure out what I want to be when I grow up and thinking about applying to FNP schools for a Fall 2014 start date. Your thought processes are very similar to mine and at this point I'm gathering info on schools. You're full of good info! GL and I hope you hear from Simmons soon!
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    Crux- thanks for the well wishes...I did not get accepted to GU, although honestly I'm not heartbroken over it =) I applied to Simmons and should know within the next 3 - 5wks or so, same with University of Cincinnati. I'm really hoping I get Simmons and they have been FANTASTIC to work with! I feel like getting turned down by GU was a blessing in disguise for me! =) I'll keep ya updated, you cann apply to both Simmons and UC prior to graduating with your BSN, as long as you are within the last term/semester of school for a provisional acceptance. Tasha
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    Tasha- Any word from UC yet?
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    No word from them yet, the advisers are awful about follow up contact...I was told my application wasn't actually fully submitted until Oct 15 so it's been about 2wks for me, even though I paid/submitted everything to them at the beginning of October. I'm guessing I wont hear anything until late next month or even possibly early December...they said 6-10 wks so I have about 4-8wks left to wait. I also applied to Simmons College at the last minute, and honestly hoping to get into there instead. I should know from both schools around the same time frame and make a decision then. After the hassle with the UC advisers, and bad communication with them all, I sort of have a bad feeling about attending there now...it's sad when comminication with the admissions reps are that horrible it makes you wonder about the entire staff themselves...that's jut me though, I do understand they are probably busy but when it takes almost 4 wks of constant calling/emailing before getting a response that's a bit much for me.
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    It makes you feel like it will be the same way when you need help with something. Did you apply to UNF since you are around that area Tasha ?
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    No I didn't apply to UNF because it has waiting lists a mile long, and I didn't want to do in-class time away from home (I know Simmons has synchronous courses, but at least i'm at home and do not have to drive anywhere LOL) I did look into it though. My main thing is I have my husbands' GI bill with 100% payment for 16 more months...the 18mo full time option means little to no student loan debt (and after so much with my LPN, RN and BSN...that would be nice!) which is why I'm really hoping for Simmons... =) I'm just seriously disappointed with UC's communication right now is all...I like that they offer an additional 4 courses in nursing education, a loan program that gets 80% cancelled upon graduation when hired as a nurse educator full time too...i love both NP and Education so that's one of the reasons I picked UC in the first place!
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    Wow nice !! You are so on the ball I have been watching your signature for a couple of years and I am impressed. Fiyah !!
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