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Was going to earn my NP, but not anymore. - page 2

Now that the AACN is requiring nurse practitioners to have a doctorate's degree, I no longer plan to go on to become a nurse practitioner. Why? simple. Because some genious decided to force... Read More

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    In my research I have discovered that a university in my state offers a BSN to DNP track. The track lists three concentrations - ANP, FNP and PMHNP. I am still interested in becoming an advanced practictioner, but my interest is in Acute Care - ACNP. So, with the DNP, would that be ANP??

    The description given is for an "adult primary care" practitioner. I was really hoping to get ACNP as I have a very strong interest in working in ICU. Does anyone know what happens with the ACNP if/when the DNP requirement goes into affect?? Is that something that is regulated by the states as well?? Thanks as always for your helpful input. Be Blessed...
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    Look at some other schools and see what others are offering in the way of DNP with concentration in ACNP...might be out there somewhere.