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Just want some current information on previous students. Do You think your journey at Walden was worth it? Did you find a job? Any information will be greatly appreciated!... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
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  2. by   FNPtobe2020
    I just found out today that I was accepted into the Aug 2017 class at Walden for the BSN to MSN-FNP program. I spoke with the mother of one of my son's classmate who just finished this program last year, passed Boards on 1st try and is working at a walk-in Express Care clinic in our town. She had good things to say about the program. English wasn't her first language either. She's from the Philippines.

    I'm going in with over 20 years experience as an RN. 12 of that was in Adult ICU of which 9 of those years I held CCRN certification. I had already lined up a few clinical rotations amongst CRNP friends, one of whom is a Women's Health CRNP with a local hospital system and another CRNP, whom I went to undergrad with that works in a family practice office of the same hospital system. Having been an RN in this area for as long as I have, I know quite a few CRNP's and Dr's so I hope getting a few more clinical sites under my belt wont be a problem.
  3. by   purpletzz
    Hi FNptobe2020, I too got accepted in Walden University's online FNP program. Like the mother of your son's classmate, I too had my BSN in the Philippines and has been an RN abroad and here in California for more than 10 years. Would like to keep in touch with you if possible. Thanks!
  4. by   VonnieC
    Hi! I got my acceptance letter last week for the August 28 class! I would love to connect and start a FB study group! Please let me know if you want to do that!!!
  5. by   FNPtobe2020
    Sounds good to me! Send me a PM here and we can get things set up! I"m SO excited to finally get started on this journey as I'll be 45 in August & not getting any younger.
  6. by   purpletzz
    Hi FNPtobe2020 I can't send a PM yet so I don't know if you can PM me though?

    Yup super excited to start the program
  7. by   FNPtobe2020
    I can't send a PM yet either...gonna have to post some more.lol