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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I... Read More

  1. by   KoKe
    vandydani- that happened to me too! I emailed the PMHNP prespecialty director and she was able to give me an update on my application within 24 hours.

    hannahzp- The program director didn't tell me much about the waitlist. I haven't received the letter yet.
  2. by   bfjeldheim
    Hello all,

    I haven't posted on this thread yet, but I wanted to introduce myself as I will be attending in the fall! I am in the NMW track and am so excited to begin this journey! Living in Chicago, I imagine it's going to be quite an adjustment. So ready to get to know you!

  3. by   SunnyGirl321
    Just heard that the Student Admissions Committee meeting which was scheduled today was canceled due to spring break for those that were told they would have a decision today, it will now be next Wed., the 13th! No need to call until next week!
  4. by   jenny.j
    Nooooo!!! Oh darn this just breaks my heart to hear such news! I had been anxiously waiting for today.. what is another week though, right?!
  5. by   joshuajonmical
    Perhaps Feld321 or someone else can answer this:

    Does anyone know much about Vanderbilt's Pre-Specialty waitlist? In the past, has there been much turnover? Have many applicants generally gotten accepted from the waitlist? Is the waitlist usually long or short? (I'm waitlisted for Pre-Specialty PMHNP.)

    Thank you.
  6. by   SunnyGirl321
    joshuajonmical - I would call their office to ask these questions.
  7. by   KoKe
    Hey Josh-

    If the office is able to give you any info about the waiting list, please let us all know. Those are great questions!
  8. by   jenny.j
    I was denied admission
    I'm looking okay though! I have an interview with two other schools this month!
    The BIGGEST congratulations to those who were admitted.. you all will do so wonderful!!
  9. by   vandy056
    Did they notify you via letter?
  10. by   jenny.j
    No I called them and they told me over the phone.
  11. by   julsm14
    does anyone know when financial aid sends out the award info?
  12. by   mctlhunt
    Denied as well. Amazingly I am ok but now have to get cracking to see what else and where else God has for me. Congratulations to everyone.
  13. by   MrSensitivity
    @julsm14 - one of the letters says April 15.