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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I... Read More

  1. by   jenny.j
    Soooo I was kind of told that I was rejected over the phone. My application went to a special committee "probably because I want a good fit for the program", but they meet again on March 6th and I can call on the 7th to find out more. What a bummer... Shucks!
  2. by   litchick91
    Sorry to hear that, jenny.j. I guess just trust that "everything happens for a reason" and "when one door closes, another opens." ::hugs::
  3. by   KoKe
    Jennyj - Sorry to hear the news! There still might be hope! It's a little confusing why they would send your application to another committee if they were planning on rejecting you. I'm wondering if they will try to accept you into their accelerated program but possibly under a different specialty? Definitely call them on March 7th.

    I got that email a couple days ago about the financial aid. I called today to ask about the status of my application. They told me it was still under faculty review. I mailed in my application before December 1st, and I have confirmation that it reached them on November 30th. However, the secretary in admissions told me that my application was processed on December 3rd. So, I don't know if that counts as "Priority" or not. I tried asking her when the committee/faculty would meet again to review applications, but she told me that she didn't know. She welcomed me to call as often as I like since it's rolling admissions.

    Good luck to everyone waiting!!
  4. by   SunnyGirl321
    Here's a brief overview of Vanderbilt's admission process. All applications received complete (complete = all documents including GRE scores)between Sept. 15 and Dec. 1 are considered priority review. The admission counselors (2 of them) process (prepare them for faculty review) well over 500 applications, with most people submitting close to or on Dec. 1. Specialty Directors are usually ready to begin reviewing and interviewing in late January after the holidays and once they get their classes started. Some specialties i.e FNP, NMW, NMW/FNP, PMHNP will conduct phone interviews with qualified applicants. In some specialties the Program Director will review the applications and make their decision solo others that receive a large amount of applications will have their faculty help review and typically they will meet as a group to make their decisions. Again some specialties receive fewer applications so they can make their decisions faster and can notify the applicants earlier. Others due to the large quantity of applications received and conducting personal interviews take longer to notify applicants. Depending on the Specialty Directors decision there is a Student Admissions & Academic Affairs (SAAA) Committee that can have a final say on the decision i.e. the director wants to admit an applicant that has a GRE score and/or GPA below the minimum or unfortunately, their decision may be to deny admission. I hope this helps everyone & good luck!
  5. by   vandydani
    Question: I had everything complete but I had troubles with one recommender. I replaced her recommendation spot and had all of the three required letters in place by December 1 but she randomly submitted a letter on December 3rd, does that mean that I might not be considered priority review? I had all of the required documents in place.
  6. by   KoKe

    Thank you for the info. My application is under faculty review. Someone mentioned earlier on this thread that admission decisions would be sent out on March 1st for direct entry students. Is there anyone we can email to get a quicker response, instead of waiting for the letter in the mail?
  7. by   hannahzp
    KoKe mine is also still under review (we're both Psych). I think I'll just keep checking by calling them, it seems like the easiest way. I just wonder what the latest date is that they would notify us.
  8. by   MrSensitivity
    Admitted FNP direct entry. If any of you locals know, are there hotels within walking distance or that have shuttles to the campus?
  9. by   SunnyGirl321
    vandydani - I would just call the admissions office that way they have all your information and can give you a better response.
  10. by   SunnyGirl321
    KoKe - Priority review decisions should be made by early March and applications received after Dec. 1, but still in January should probably hear by mid-March. You may want to just call the admissions office to check on your status.
  11. by   nurserobyn89
    Admitted for Direct Entry FNP!!! Looks like I will be relocating to Nashville!!
  12. by   jenny.j
    My application is under review by the Student Admissions & Academic Affairs (SAAA) Committee. My GRE scores were subpar. When she told me this a few days ago.. I didn't sound promising, so I'm preparing for the worst and hoping for the best congrats to all who are receiving great news!!
  13. by   MrSensitivity
    jenny j. if your GRE was subpar and you've been sent to the SAAA, then it sounds like there are other qualities that the specialty director thinks warrant a second look. Good luck!!!