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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I haven't started my interview... Read More

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    I personally took out federal loans and did not have to apply for additional outside private loans. I was fortunate to receive one of VUSN's several scholarships offered to incoming students in addition to two smaller outside scholarships (around $1,000 a piece). I don't know anyone who has had any issues covering the costs of school and living. A friend of mine attending a nursing school in MO did apply for one large private loan to cover all of her costs, and the only setback she had was to have a family member co-sign even though she had great established credit.

    There are a wide array of scholarships available to MSN students, the key is to begin your search early and commit to writing the essays now, since many of the deadlines coincide in March and April. Hope this helps!

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    Very much, thanks!! Will receive scholarship information with our financial aid packet, or is that something we can begin working on now?
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    Thanks for the info about the scholarships! Has anyone heard anything about anything!? What about for FNP? Darn this waiting game is terrible :/
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    You will get information in the financial aid packet, but I did some searching on my own!
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    Quote from jasonmstone82

    Did you receive your acceptance letter in the mail or on their webisite?
    I received my initial notification of acceptance via e-mail, and then received a letter in the mail a week or two later
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    I got an email on Jan. 8th to setup up my PMHNP interview. Its scheduled for the 11th and I'm super nervous!
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    Just finished my phone interview. i feel pretty good about it, but i guess i'll see when they send out acceptance letters. they just asked a few questions and talked about the program. they told me that they were finishing up interviews and that accceptance letters would go out the first of March. Good luck to everyone!
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    congrats jb30! I bet having the interview completed successfully is a huge weight off your shoulders. Now if the first week of March would just hurry up and get here...
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    Its great to be done with the interview. Waiting for a decision is the hardest part. Incher, are you already in the program? Or are you waiting for a decision as well? What's your specialty, if you don't mind me asking?
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    No, not currently in the program. I am waiting for a decision as well. I applied for Pre-specialty AGPCNP.

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