University of Southern Indiana ???

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    I applied for the Acute Care NP program for Fall. Does anyone have an inea of how long it takes for the application to be reviewed & to be accepted/denied?
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    I applied for the FNP program at USI and hope to start this fall, as well. I received an email from the Admissions Office stating admission decisions would be mailed on March 1st. I'm not sure if that is true for all NP specialties, or just FNP. I applied back in October--so I'm happy the wait is almost over. Best wishes.
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    I applied for the ACNP program for Fall 2013, and I just received an email saying that application decisions would be sent out by the end of March. Good Luck!
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    Hello Just wanted to see if you received your acceptance letter?
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    I applied to USI's ACNP program for fall of 2013 and received my acceptance letter this last week! Does anyone have any words of advice for me?
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    Hi, I am currently in the process of applying to USI's ACNP program for Fall 2014. I would greatly appreciate any advice you have on the admission process.Specifically, the admission essay and how detailed your resume was. I am currently in the ICU and have been for the past year and half, but have 3 years exp as a med-surg nurse. Would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you!
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    ISU NP is all online, correct?
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    You cannot find an NP program that is 100% on line. You will always have 400hr-700hr for your practium. Also some programs require you to go onsite for your physical assessment portion. This is information based on my personal research.
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    To my knowledge USI distance NP programs are all online except practicum. Students must find their own preceptors in whatever state they are living. I know because I am from a PMHNP student at USI.
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    Just FYI, USI requires two separate applications... one for the SON and one for graduate studies. I was not aware at the time of application and was not considered because I did not apply to Graduate Studies. Luckily, I had other offers. Not sure if they still conduct their business this way.