University South Alabama DNP - Review anyone??

  1. Hello - I'm very interested in the USA DNP program online (plan to specialize in cardiovascular). I'm just curious if anyone has a review or comments on the school since being accepted???? The program seems perfect for my needs, allowing me to work while doing the program, and I even get to specialize in my field! But before I commit myself to a school like this (although the tuition seems the most reasonable of those I've seen), I would love to get some feedback? Anything good/bad/otherwise would be great!

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  3. by   Blessedx3
    I will tell you--from a MSN-FNP graduate...that our class have been quite dismayed with USA.
  4. by   JayMH1984
    I have been accepted and will be entering the BSN to DNP Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program in the Spring... I have had great interactions so far, and have heard great things about the Pediatric Programs, but would love to know more about how they do things as far as the format, clinical and invasive skills, etc?

    As far as your question, I have heard mixed reviews about the FNP program, mainly negative, and have heard some good things about the ACNP.


  5. by   MillieT
    Can you comment on the negative aspects of FNP? I'm planning to apply this month. I can also apply to UAB too.
  6. by   criticalcareNP
    I am also thinking of applying to USA and would love to hear some feedback from some current students. There are several negative comments but I would love to hear why some of the students think so negatively about the program.
  7. by   Le-Lee_FNP
    wondering the same thing about USA. I'm currently in a different online FNP program but was actually thinking about transferring to USA for their Adult/Geri Acute NP program. I applied for summer semester and am waiting to hear back. If i get accepted I'll have to decide wheather to transfer or stay where i am. So it would be nice to hear some feedback.
  8. by   USA RN
    Student _FNP Where are you now??
    I am trying to get info on post-master cert program on USA or UAB birmingham, no response yet but I have read some negative about the USA NP programs, maily staff involvement and poor communications. BTW I am a USA MSN grad (administration) and at that time (04/05) it was an excellent program!!
  9. by   middleageNP
    Speaking as a recently graduated USA FNP... Their FNP program is very lacking, it is basically a self taught program with excessive weeding out students process (about 30% survives). Very little support from instructors. This may be b/c of the high demand for the FNP programs. I heard they have 3x the number of applicants this year b/c of the possible DNP requirement by 2015.

    As far as I know, other NP tracks are OK (less number of students).
  10. by   ShugRN2010
    @USA RN: I am starting the MSN Executive Nurse Administration program in Summer 2011. I'm so excited and eager to start the program. I read that you are a Nurse Administration graduate from USA. Will you please give me some pointers on the program and valuable information that I will need in order to be successful in the program. Thanks!
  11. by   USA RN
    Send me your email addy...I would love to tell you about the program but I don't want to clog up this forum with our conversation.
  12. by   ShugRN2010
    @USA RN:

  13. by   NightAngelle
    I work with a couple of people who are (or were) in the USA FNP program...don't know about DNP though. Haven't heard anything favorable, though.
  14. by   PNP4KIDZ
    Had an amazing experience in the USA PNP program!!! I cannot say enough about it...loved it! I plan to return for my DNP. I have heard from a fellow student that was in my class who went back to get her DNP at UAB that UAB is more like a PhD program than a DNP.