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University of South Florida FNP program

  1. 0 I applied to USF FNP program for fall 2013 entry. The deadline was Feb 15th and I have still not heard back anything. Did anyone else apply and if so have you been accepted and what was your GPA?
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    I applied. My online application just states "committee". Hopefully decisions will be sent this week or the next.
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    I applied to FNP and still have not heard back either. Hopefully soon!
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    WOW CONGRATULATIONS that is so awesome! how was your GPA? Did you do your undergrad at USF?
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    Don't lose hope anyone! Hope to see you all on orientation day!
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    Vida Urbana your mailbox is full . I was going to give you my email. I am considering full time to be a grad assistant.
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    Sorry Vidaurbana i am a new user so cannot send private messages. i am a current undergrad at USF graduating in August. So have no floor experience. I have a 3.13 for my upper level nursing (not to shabby i know) and i have a 3.6 overall. There process is so confusing, I am guessing they are making decisions one by one. Thank you for your reply and positivity! Congrats again you should be very proud of yourself!
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    @ RN Sam: I cleared by email box!

    @emmbeee: Thank you again! Your overall stats are pretty impressive and I always thought that students that attended Undergrad would usually have first dibs. I wished I attended one of the informations session to better understand the process. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I'm not from Tampa, I live in South Florida. So I don't know anyone else that applied to FNP progam @ USF. Again, I'm looking forward to your acceptance, too!
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    emmbeee you could try applying to UAB's FNP program for Spring 2014, hang in there. You'll get in.
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    Quote from emmbeee
    did you get any further info on the decision? I was rejected by FSC in lakeland basically due to no nursing experience (which I am now very thankful for...I didn't realize how many different types of NP's there are and ANP is not for me). my background is EMS (11 years, 7 as a paramedic), but now I'm having to work part time as a nurse to try to strengthen my resume. My new goal is USF's AGAC or possibly FNP, but I heard you need a 4.0 for FNP.