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Anyone have any RECENT info or reviews? I did a search, but it seems all the threads are a year old or more. I'm interested in their Psych NP specifically. The reviews before were negative that were... Read More

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    So I just finished my first semester. I work full time in L&D, 3-12hr shifts one week and 3-12 + and 8hr shift the next. I am in the part time program, with basically 6 credit hours a semester. I don't think I could handle anymore than that! If you want to stay working full time, then you definitely need to go to school part time. I got A's in both my classes, but it took lots of time!!

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    i've heard good things about USA's PNP and ENP tracks, but absolutely awful things about their FNP track. I've corresponded via phone and email wtih USA regarding their FNP track, and have had bad experiences with all but one faculty member. I realized that if I was having such difficulty even before starting the program, and hearing such negative comments about their FNP program, then perhaps I should choose a different school------and now I'm 100% glad I did!
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    For all New York State residents interested in University of South Alabama's NP/ DNP program.

    Got this email from the school:

    We have recently been notified by your state’s Higher Education Board that all education programs including online programs must have approval by this board prior to citizens from your state enrolling in a program. Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to accept you for our DNP Program. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. If you have an unrestricted RN license in another state other than your state, and are able to successfully complete clinicals in that other state in which you are licensed, then you may apply to our DNP program. At this time we are unable to accommodate clinicals in your state. If you are not adding a new NP license you may complete the Traditional DNP program here at USA since clinicals are not required.

    If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Dr.***** *****, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 251-445-9400. **** ******, PhDDNP Academic AdvisorUSA College of Nursingcondnp@usouthal.eduOffice: (251) 445-9400Fax: (251) 445-9416 Address:College of Nursing5721 USA Dr. N RM 3074Mobile AL 36688
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    I am looking into the PMHNP program now, I am getting a lot of mixed reviews. Do you think it's is beneficial to enroll at USA?
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    Cauliflower what thread or source did you hear good things about USA PMHNP program? I am trying to compile all of my information together and make a "best" choice. I was looking a University of Texas at Austin since I am really close and Midwestern State University.
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    TASHA, would you please private message me (I don't have privilege to), I wanted to ask some questions since we are in the same state and looking into PMHNP. Thanks!
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    TXRN84, haha what a hoot we are surely in the "same boat" I can't PM either.. Hahahaha .. You can email me We have to chat!!! How can we chat I don't mind giving you my email but I thought about the "privacy agreement".
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    I think you and I are actually applying to the same program, lol. I am definitely in a boat!
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    I will complete my PNP in december from USA and I havent had any difficulties. There are people in my class who complain but I find that those people complain about everything so I have learned to take all that with a grain of salt. Finding a preceptor has been the biggest headache because you are on your own in that regard. We do have students in Hawaii, Alaska, and Korea so it would be ridiculous to assume that a school in Alabama would have contacts in those areas in order to facilitate an internship. I would work on finding preceptors your contacts in your field of study.
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    This is a terrible NP program. I completed 45 credits in the ACNP program and got to within a semester of graduation. I was working and doing school at the same time but maintained a 3.6 GPA. Instructors did not help students, there was no help with clinicals or any kind of support. You pretty much teach yourself. I was basically kicked out of school because a certain instructor did not like a paper I wrote. The paper was actually very good and original but was not formatted as she wanted. I was given a C and kicked out of school. All the work I put into the program did not matter. Very few of the class I was in graduated. They should let you know in advance that few people graduate; it would save expense and work for nothing. The program is a rip off-avoid it.

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