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Hello, has anyone applied to University of South Alabama DNP for Spring 2011? Has anyone heard from them, or received a phone interview? Thanks in advanced!... Read More

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    Congrats everyone on getting into the NP program at USA. I recently applied to the MSN- Executive Nurse Administration program and I'm so eager to hear about any experiences someone may know about the MSN program at USA.

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    Can you enter the 3-year FNP/Acute Care program either in the spring or fall, or does USA only offer the 3-year DNP program in one of the two semesters?
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    Hello. I was accepted into the Fall 2011 MSN-DNP program and I am look for someone to whom I can ask a few questions pertinent to the program. Thank you.
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    Kev - You can enter the 3 year program in the Fall and the Spring, but the Spring "3" Year is more of a 3 year and 1 or 2 semesters.

    Romanryster - Feel free to send me a message asking any questions you may have... I will answer as best I know how!


    Jay H., RN, BSN, CCRN, CPEN
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    I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I start the ENP program at USA in Aug. I asked the program managers if they could hook us up with current/previous students for questions, but no luck. Anyways, one big question I have is the books. I have been looking at the required books list and am wondering what your experience has you need to buy all the books?? any recommendations so far which ones are really "required"?? Also, how many hours are you taking a semester?? When I talked to the advisor, she said she really only recommends people take 2 classes a semester. I will be working full time at least through the first two semesters and am curious how you find the case load. Thank you in advance and hope you are finding your studies challenging and rewarding!

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    I was accepted to DNP program at UAB and USA for fall 2012 entry, any advices/thoughts on which school I should go for? There seems to be a lot of posts about USA but not UAB. Thanks
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    Hey there, I am in the USA ENP/DNP program and so far like it. But I prefer online learning over classrooms and lectures. And from what I remember when I was applying, it's much more affordable than the other programs. I have a friend in the hospital that I work in that did one semester in the UAB NICU NP program and is taking a semester off. She found it incredibly frustrating and difficult. However, I don't know her well enough to get a vibe on her stress levels, study habits, etc. My general view on nursing school is it's a lot of work, but not usually too incredibly difficult work. Anyways, not sure if that helps. Best of luck to you!


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