University of South Alabama DNP Spring 2011 - page 3

Hello, has anyone applied to University of South Alabama DNP for Spring 2011? Has anyone heard from them, or received a phone interview? Thanks in advanced!... Read More

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    Hey there, I am in the USA ENP/DNP program and so far like it. But I prefer online learning over classrooms and lectures. And from what I remember when I was applying, it's much more affordable than the other programs. I have a friend in the hospital that I work in that did one semester in the UAB NICU NP program and is taking a semester off. She found it incredibly frustrating and difficult. However, I don't know her well enough to get a vibe on her stress levels, study habits, etc. My general view on nursing school is it's a lot of work, but not usually too incredibly difficult work. Anyways, not sure if that helps. Best of luck to you!


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