University of Cincinnati FNP Program - Spring 2018

  1. I just submitted my application to the University of Cincinnati for their FNP Program (fully online) starting Spring 2018. I talked to an advisor who said they have about a 50% acceptance rate. I have 3 years of nursing experience and graduated with a 3.7 GPA (for all 4 undergrad years). I am very nervous but excited! Who else has applied? Has anyone either completed the program or currently in the program? Would you recommend it? Pros and cons? How are clinicals once you start them the second year? Is it possible to work full time while completing the program? Any information/advice is helpful! Thanks so much!
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  3. by   dxb53

    I also applied to the Spring 2018 cohort for the post-masters certificate. I'd love to learn a bit more about the program as well including the online class format (is it self-paced?), exam format (proctored?), and any on-site requirements.
  4. by   NPvampire
    I did PMHNP not FNP and the classes were reasonable, sustainable workloads, IMO. I had toddlers, worked baylor, and did it okay. I am not one with a ton of bounding energy.

    However - if you are the online type of program, they (at least used to) make you find your own clinicals. their idea of "helping" which they pitch so hard in the beginning, they will assist, blah blah.....was telling me to look in the yellow pages. Even going to live in Ohio and using their brick&mortar preceptors was declined. "Those are for our live students."

    Start looking for a preceptor YESTERDAY! Start the paperwork for the chosen ONES (pick more than one person in case an emergency arises) and at least 6 months ahead of the first clinical class. If the school decides that your preceptor is just a contract (2-3 days approval) or a lengthy, lawyer-ridden "agreement" that can take 6 or more months. It is not easy to find a preceptor on your own.
    I was working 3 RN jobs and on good terms with old ones. I had made probably a hundred inquiries of failure and was in the process of meeting military recruiters just to get a preceptor, when I finally found an angel to do mine.
    Do not assume your current job will allow you to precept either, I made that mistake as well. The doctors who were so friendly in work basically told me where to go when I suggested following them. I even tried to offer compensation, still NADA.

    In spite of the clinicals drama, and the price of the education, I am glad that I did it through them and online. B&M school in our state was one program 3 hours away one way and that wasn't happening, ever, at all.
  5. by   Khall11
    I also applied for the FNP distance learning format for Spring of 2018! I applied back in July and got my acceptance 6 weeks after submitting application. Let me know when you find out we should start a group and keep in touch throughout the program! I would love information/advice from current students.
  6. by   RNLUW
    I applied for Spring 2018 as well. Waiting to hear back.