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University of Arizona BSN-DNP - page 6

Is anyone enrolled or been accepted into The University of Arizona's BSN-DNP program. I've been accepted into the Fall program and I would like to know how the program set up is and what to expect. ... Read More

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    For those of you who have applied and been accepted how is the program I am going to start Fall 2015 and would love some insight on the program and if you are pleased with U of A
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    Hi MWelch18,

    How are you liking the program? Can you give some insight on the program?

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    Hello everyone,

    Congrats on being accepted to the progam. I was curious can anyone tell me roughly how much from start to finish is tution. I recenty got accepted to GCU and got a rough estimate for the MSN- ACNP program. I am planning on starting the program and planning on transferring to U of A if accepted. The only thing im worried about it total tution and i can not seem to find any quotes anywhere. If anyone can give me some insight on tuition I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you