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Is anyone enrolled or been accepted into The University of Arizona's BSN-DNP program. I've been accepted into the Fall program and I would like to know how the program set up is and what to expect. ... Read More

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    Does anyone know the stats (Gpa, experience, etc) of last years class, or of any of this years applicants?

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    I also have tried to find out what the statistics look like... All I know is that there were 180 applicants and there are 80-100 slots. Let me know if you hear anything. fingers crossed for us all!
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    Has anyone heard anything back on this program at all for the fall 2013 start?
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    Not yet. I contacted them at the beginning of January to check statuses and they said they would be making decisions by the end of March. Soooo anxious!!
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    I just joined the site today following my search for BSN-DNP (or) PhD program, Sarah thank you for starting this discussion. I would like to know, I am preparing all paper work to apply for this program. Do you know how students were accepted in this batch?
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    I know they started to review applications. We might hear as early as this month.
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    Hi everyone,
    I am interested in the average demographical statistics of students who have enrolled in the 2013 University of Arizona DNP program. Mostly your nursing experience before applying, gpa, and type of experience. I have enrolled for the Fall 2013 class, and like you I am waiting for a letter letting me know one way or the other. I call every week, just to satisfy myself. Some of you stated that you found out how many applicants there were for this class, and how many were expected to be admitted...How did you find that out? The people I spoke to did not know (our would not tell). I have 10 years of nursing experience, 7 of those in a very busy and progressive CVICU unit. I have a 3.77 overall gpa with a 4.0 nursing gpa...I hope all of us get in, I am so stressed and worried, I just know that I have ulcers!
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    I have a 4.0 nursing gpa and a 3.77 overall gpa. I have been a nurse for 10 years, with 7 of those years in a huge CVICU...
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    has anyone applied for the MEPN program??
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    Just want to give this a bump. Anyone heard anything yet??

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