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Is anyone enrolled or been accepted into The University of Arizona's BSN-DNP program. I've been accepted into the Fall program and I would like to know how the program set up is and what to expect. Thanks, Rachel... Read More

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    Quote from LaurelV
    That is insulting! There where over 200 applicants... we worked hard to get in! Did you?
    Obviously an insult was not implied, so strap on your big girl panties and toughen up. How do you know for a fact over 200 applied? Website says 100. But we all know programs say whatever they want to make them look like they are desired. The program does not report applicant numbers. So I ask, has anyone received a denial letter? You don't know wether they accepted all or rejected hundreds. The reason I asked is I don't want to attend a program that see's me as a number and tuition check, who doesn't care about the quality of education provided. Disclaimer so no ones feel bads get hurt, I'm not saying Arizona is one of those programs.

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    Well...I spoke with admissions... 200 +... don't bother applying... we don't want you.
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    Quote from hik9258
    I'm kind of confused. All it says is acceptance to the DNP program. It doesn't label which specialty (Acute Care, Family etc.)
    By this I am assuming that you are already accepted to this program. If thats the case then you should have already researched the program to see if it is a good fit for you and meets your high standards, if not then why did you apply? Asking after the fact if it is a good program or merely out to take your money shows that you didn't do your homework and is insulting to everyone on here that was accepted (yourself included). My suggestion is to go ahead and turn down the offer, if you don't really want to go there or you don't know for sure then go somewhere where you are comfortable. You don't want to spend 3 years and thousands of dollars on something you treated as a whim. I am completely confident in this program and did months of research before I decided to apply. I suggest you apply for another program where you can say the same thing.
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    I agree with your posting, thanks for that! We are the new class, and are all in the same cohort. It will be fun to meet at RISE in Tucson this summer. This is a tough program (as is any doctoral program) and we should help eachother with questions and answers. I am proud of all of us!
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    Wow... The claws come out.

    Fact: not many people are getting denied.
    I know ONE and it was b/c of criminal record.

    Plus when I asked about acceptance I was told 80 slots by one person and "as many qualified applicants" by another. I honestly think if you qualified with GPA you were accepted.

    Is this insulting to me? Absolutely not. Who cares who gets accepted? If you want to feel special about getting accepted somewhere, apply to Harvard.

    The bottom line is, we now have the green light to get an advanced degree- we have the drive to persue an advanced degree. We are awesome.
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    Oh and I would like to add: all schools see you as a check, college is a business.
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    I concur, we are most definitely awesome . And yes I am a paycheck, a painfully large paycheck after checking the tuition costs
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    Ohhhh... per the webinar- "You are responsible for finding your own preceptors".... eek... this could be a huge problem for a new grad nurse!!!!
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    I heard that. If you are a new nurse and you need help let me know, I have a couple of contacts or at the least I'm currently working and can ask around!
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    I am curious.... how can a new nurse be an effective DNP... it takes time and experience to develops critical thinking skills..

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