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Is anyone enrolled or been accepted into The University of Arizona's BSN-DNP program. I've been accepted into the Fall program and I would like to know how the program set up is and what to expect. Thanks, Rachel... Read More

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    Yes...I got in.....found out on the 8th

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    I was also accepted on 3/8. As a side note the program was changed from ACNP to AGACNP.
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    I'm kind of confused. All it says is acceptance to the DNP program. It doesn't label which specialty (Acute Care, Family etc.)
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    I was accepted as well. But the email sat in my spam box for 10 days till I got desperate and checked it. Ugh. But at least I got in! I'm in the Family PMHNP track.
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    Did anyone else apply for family practice track?
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    I applied for FNP but I do not see any mention of specialties in the letter. All mine says is DNP...
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    A friend of mine was accepted to the FNP track but I didn't see anything on my acceptance letter about what program, just my acceptance to the school.
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    Here what Im thinking....each track has a different caricculum has different classes....we just register for the classes we need
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    Is this a program that pretty much accepts everyone? Just reading around, it seems like they accepted everyone who applied.
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    That is insulting! There where over 200 applicants... we worked hard to get in! Did you?

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