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    I've been lurking here, looking to see if anyone would be starting a thread on the UAB MSN cohort for Summer 2014. Nobody has yet, so I'm doing it!

    Application deadline is October 28th! Is anyone else applying to start next summer? I've applied to the WHNP program, and have gnawed my fingernails down to nubs over it.

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    I applied to the WHNP program, btw. My nursing school preceptor is actually already a student there, in the PMHNP program, and she seems to like it so far.
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    The deadline for Summer 2014 is today! Aieeeee!

    I've been trying to read through some of the other UAB threads, but it's unclear: is an interview required for all programs? The only one where I'm seeing consistent interviews required is the CRNA program.
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    I've applied to the acute care and family npro
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    I've applied to the acute care and family np programs...with family as my secondary choice for summer 2014.
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    Have you heard anything about the decision process? How long it'll take, if we'll need an interview, etc.?
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    I emailed my admissions advisor today, and got a quick reply back. She didn't answer the question about an interview, but said that faculty would be meeting next week to review applications and score them, and then once they're reviewed by the nursing school Office of Student Affairs, letters would be sent out regarding decisions.
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    I applied to the Family program and the Acute Adult-Gerontology program. I read on their website somewhere that decisions are made within 30 days post deadline. So we should know by first or second week of December.
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    Good luck! This hurry-up-and-wait stuff is for the birds.
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    How does everyone's gpa stand? Did anyone have to take the mat or GRE?

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