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Has anyone applied? or know how many they take and when we will find out? Let me know! Thanks!... Read More

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    I graduated from TTUHSC MSN ACNP 12/04 and post master's cert FNP 08/05. There was only 6 of us in ACNP class, and since I was already in ACNP, I did not have to apply to FNP program where there were a lot more students. I still live in Lubbock and practice here.
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    I am currently in the TTUHSC FNP program and I am looking to get my ACNP post-masters. How did the application process work? Any suggestions?!
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    Well, I can't even remember if I completed an application, but I probably did. They let me take my last semester of practicum in ANCP with my first semester of clinical hours of family at the same time in Fall 2004. Then I had to do Spring 05, Summer 05 with Family, then finished. If you do ACNP, my friend is the faculty for that program and she is awesome! Talk to Tara Hilliard and see what she says. She is ACNP faculty.
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    Wonderful! Thank you for the info!
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    I know this was an old post, but I am starting the DNP program at Rocky Mountain University in August. Any tips, or advice you could offer me for success in this program?