Study needs and Electronic needs for FNP program

  1. Hi all.
    I was wondering what kind of office products you used and how you used them in NP school. For example, index cards for study notes. What laptop and requirements on it. Laptop versus a ipad. Android phone versus an android tablet. Any thing you can hint at for me to buy over summer while the back to school sales are on would be appreciated. thanks.
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    A laptop that can run Office apps (word/excel/PowerPoint) as well as EMR software is a pretty standard requirement. Also a PDA/iPhone/Droid is a big help as a clinical reference tool as well as an application for that (your school should have a discount deal so wait for that).

    Other than #2 pencils and some binders, that should get you through!
  4. by   nitasarn
    Agree w the above post
  5. by   illcleff
    Thanks for the information.. Very helpful
  6. by   Deneb
    If you have the $, a classmate of mine just bought the ipad Mini. Unlike the ipad it fits in your lab coat pocket, doesn't weigh much, and the screen is big enough to really read text--I find phone screens give me a HA. She has some awesome apps, including an MSK one that strips a joint down layer by layer, then shows it in motion. Definitely on my Christmas list.
  7. by   lemur87
    I am also looking into options...I have an iPhone 4 and a PC desktop computer but I'm struggling to choose a tablet. I know the iPad is used by most medical professionals, but I just hate that it doesn't have expandable memory. I'm leaning toward a galaxy note 10.1 but don't know if I can run Microsoft office, EMR applications, and have access to my electronic books. It's just a lot of money to spend and I want to get the very best product
  8. by   Deneb
    I'm a tech dufus, so I'm no judge of the best. I'm wondering though if you won't end up doing your EMR work on the clinic's computer. I don't know how much word processing I'd do in clinic, either. (I can do that at home on my big laptop.) I don't know how limited the ipad mini's capacity is, but I wonder if you couldn't put your extra's on icloud and draw 'em down as needed.

    I do like the mini as opposed to the regular ipad, just for weight and pocket-fit convenience.

    Anybody more tech savvy have an opinion?
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Im a working APN and use my iPhone 5 daily. I also have an ipad mini with 4 G and a bluetooth keyboard (Shark brand) and love both of these.

    I am credentialled at 5 hospitals and have 3/5 configured on my ipad mini. The IT folks at the hospitals can help set you up there. Its really easy as most are just Citrix apps.

    I use UpToDate for my daily go-to app - it has current practice guidelines, the latest med info, etc.. and its the gold standard per my practice. My practice pays for it as its about $450 yr otherwise. However, most hospitals have an acct and everyone just shares that log in info.