starting schedule?

  1. Hi all,

    So here is my question....

    Do you think it is advisable to work every weekend while in NP school? My clinicals start this Fall, and 120 hours are required in the 15 week semester. I am wondering if I will be able to not work every weekend right now, as clinical time increases I know I will have no choice. Am I being selfish for not wanting to give up my weekends, I know that it is only short term, and I should just suck it up...huh.

    I currently work 12 hour shifts ICU rotating, commute is 45 min which is a pain, and another side of the problem, after commuting and coming home from work all day or night, I have no motivation for school or studying. I do fine on my off days. Was wondering if I was off all week (well at least 4 days straight) it probably would help me to get in more study time. Also thinking of applying for position to the community hospital which is about 5 min away from my house but don't think I want to go through with orientation and training right now with school starting up.

    What to do...I know it is ultimately my decision to make. Just curious if other students or NP's have been in this situation and what they have done or plan on doing.

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  3. by   mammac5
    My thoughts are this:
    120 hours in a semester is not a heavy clinical load, so I would think working part-time would be doable.
    It depends also on what your other courses are like, how much time they will require, is there a lot of research a paper writing to do, etc.

    We did 210 hours over 8 wks in each rotation and I found it was not possible for me to work and have any sort of life at that pace. I'm in a program with lots of theory & research, paper writing, on-line lectures, etc. A few of my friends have continued to work, but nowhere close to a full-time schedule.
  4. by   studentANP
    I was able to take all my research and advanced practice theory classes already my first year and a half, so all my major paper writing is out of the way. I did not want to take any of those classes with the clinical core classes.

    Thanks for the reply
  5. by   mammac5
    In light of that, seems like you would have plenty of time to work weekends.
  6. by   greygooseuria
    I plan on doing only weekends when my clinicals start. I'll be doing every Friday/Saturday night and do clinicals Monday/Wednesday/Thursday with class on Tuesday. I may use PTO for some Fridays to get my clinical hours done more quickly. With 32 hours a week I can have my hours done in 5 weeks or so my first semester, 7 my second two.
  7. by   Boonce1
    I'm in the same situation I work day shifts and I am stuck working every weekend so I can have two days a week to do my clinicals I had to beg my boss to work ten hour shifts unstead of eight so I can have at least one day to my self by the time I do an ten hour shift I'm so tired I dont even want to study and by the time you add the drive which is a 30 min commute for me one way I have to stay full time to keep my families health insurance Thats a good idea about using the PTO I should have a lot saved up so maybe I can use that if I get to wore out