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I have done a few searches, but haven't found many responses (or at least newer) re: St. Joseph's nurse practitioner program. I'm considering it because it seems flexible, reasonable, and like a good opportunity from what I can... Read More

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    Canyon forest and others, Clinicals are going great.. I'm about to wrap up my second clinical on 1-13. About week 8 I get a panicky feeling cause I procrastinate and have only 2-3 units turned in for the theory part. But that's my own fault. I'm going to be doing capstone in the third clinical along with a theory class and the clinical. Sime take the capstone in the second clinical. There is a lot of homework in all this. I'm working 36 hours a week. Im learning a lot, will be applying for boards in march and hope to take them in early June. I'm listening to review cd's also.
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    Can someone tell me what adv patho and pharm are like? What is the format, etc? Thanks in advance.
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    Bumping this up. How is everyone doing? I'm planning to start clinical on 7/31 if all goes well.
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    Does anyone know what kind of MAT scores they are looking for? Wondering if I should rush to take it before the May application deadline.
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    I am thinking about applying to St Joseph's online RN to BSN then FNP program. Are there still issues with clinicals? Any feedback is appreciated. I have been looking for an online program that accepts NC residents. I would prefer no clinical (I've been an RN for almost 15 years) or GRE. St Josephs requires both but seems reasonably priced and reviewed.
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    Well didn't take board in June. The AANP will only let you take then. 2 weeks before classes are done. I got the email saying I'm
    Approved for boards. Now waiting on snail mail for the instructions on how to sign up. Will be taking them in August