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I have done a few searches, but haven't found many responses (or at least newer) re: St. Joseph's nurse practitioner program. I'm considering it because it seems flexible, reasonable, and like a good opportunity from what I can... Read More

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    Canyon forest and others, Clinicals are going great.. I'm about to wrap up my second clinical on 1-13. About week 8 I get a panicky feeling cause I procrastinate and have only 2-3 units turned in for the theory part. But that's my own fault. I'm going to be doing capstone in the third clinical along with a theory class and the clinical. Sime take the capstone in the second clinical. There is a lot of homework in all this. I'm working 36 hours a week. Im learning a lot, will be applying for boards in march and hope to take them in early June. I'm listening to review cd's also.

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    Can someone tell me what adv patho and pharm are like? What is the format, etc? Thanks in advance.
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    Bumping this up. How is everyone doing? I'm planning to start clinical on 7/31 if all goes well.
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    Does anyone know what kind of MAT scores they are looking for? Wondering if I should rush to take it before the May application deadline.
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    I am thinking about applying to St Joseph's online RN to BSN then FNP program. Are there still issues with clinicals? Any feedback is appreciated. I have been looking for an online program that accepts NC residents. I would prefer no clinical (I've been an RN for almost 15 years) or GRE. St Josephs requires both but seems reasonably priced and reviewed.
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    Well didn't take board in June. The AANP will only let you take then. 2 weeks before classes are done. I got the email saying I'm
    Approved for boards. Now waiting on snail mail for the instructions on how to sign up. Will be taking them in August
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    I know this post is old but I am considering this program for 2015. What do you think of the program and would you recommend it. Appreciate your feedback
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    There are a couple hoops to jump through it seems like it's gotten a little bit tougher I enrolled in 2011 because of the costs and it was also user-friendly; recently finished my thesis and am now taking my very last clinical will be finished March 2015

    I think have grown a lot from the nurse practitioner program you learn to be self reliant and do some deep digging for the courses but it is just going to assist you in providing excellent patient care as a nurse practitioner which is and was my goal
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    You have to do a thesis? Was it hard? Going to apply. Spoke to someone today she said they made changes to the program
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    Why do they consider your Lpn classes and GPA? My Lpn might mess up my overall GPA. One of the advisors said she will try to let me know something by monday.

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