South university MSN/FNP Program

  1. I am starting the south university MSN/FNP program in February. Anyone out there that has completed the program recently and have any suggestions on classes I can double up on or should I take each class alone. I work full time and am a full time mom and wife as well.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   Buyer beware
    Last week the Dept. of Ed published statistics on "gainful employment" at schools operated by Education Management Corporation (EDMC) and many others.
    South is one of these schools and the numbers don't look good judging from financial statements published before they delisted from the NASDAQ in 2014.
    Not only is this corporation involved in a slow financial meltdown, its history of not being fair to students is legendary and well documented.
    Obviously you can attend any FNP program you wish but do a lot more research on this school before you commit .
    EDMC's business model is very similiar to ITT tech and Corinthian. The real problem is that their financial books are closed but judging from the many schools closed and in teach-outs it doesn't bode well for the student.
    I know they make it essy to enroll and of course they will take care of the loans but be careful.
    Too easy is always a trap.
    And don't sign the arbitration agreement and see what they say.
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