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I'm thinking about starting South University. Is there anyone here attending and if so, how do you like the program. How are the classes formatted?Also, has it been difficult for anyone earning an... Read More

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    I am really debating applying here. If anyone is currently in the FNP program would you PLEASE email me and let me know updates along the way? I am at a toss up between South University and Walden's FNP program.

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    Hey, how do you like it? I am starting in June I have my reservations about it. Are you liking the classes and etc. You can PM or whatever I just don't want to lose a lot of money.
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    I am currently applying to the BSN completion program at South University. My end goal is completing the MSN and then FNP online program. Can anyone currently enrolled send me a private message to discuss the program? (If you don't feel comfortable posting on the forum). My main questions are:

    Do you like the online format?
    Is the FNP portion accredited?
    I can't seem to get that answer from their website or inquiries. I know the BSN and MSN portions are accredited.

    To this point, the application process has been amazing and the representatives are very informative. I would like to speak with current students to help formulate my overall decision. Thank you in advance!
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    Hey I know this is an older post, but Im interested in South Universitys FNP online. Are you enjoying the program?
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    Quote from j_waggs
    Hey I know this is an older post, but Im interested in South Universitys FNP online. Are you enjoying the program?
    I am in the program and so far find it quite challenging. The first two classes were o'k, but now we are actually in nursing classes. You can PM me if you want more info.
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    Hi, I head pretty much the same thing from academic advisement too but I've been pretty beat up from other online programs. The downside with online education is that if the instructor is well...not that fair or nice, the recourse is limited because the students' strength in communication is diluted through the internet whereas in a brick and mortar institution, the students are more of a physical force to deal with while in the classroom. Meaning, it is easier to discuss issues of concern in a group dialog and in person. But unless I hear otherwise, South U seems okay.
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    Are there any current FNP students at South University? I am considering applying there but am having a very hard time finding any reviews about it ... would love to hear some opinions!
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    So did you choose a school? I am applying to South
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    I am getting ready to apply here too and would love to talk to anyone currently in this program. I can't figure out how to PM anyone
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    I have commnicated with a student fnishing up her first year and she liked the program overall.
    I need to check on the FNP credentialing but I do not think its an issue. You can PM me if you want.

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