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Anyone already applying at Seattle U? Which track? I haven't finished my pre-req's, so I am probably not too competitive this year, but I am going to apply anyway. I am applying for the nurse-midwife track and my background is... Read More

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    Quote from readl
    I don't think it's too soon to start a 2013 thread! I'll be there with you! I have already started working on application for 2013 as well
    Here we go again!

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    Pooja, readl, Luluj, Overtone, who else?

    This is next year's thread. I hope to see some familiar "faces".
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    AGNP acceptance arrived today in the mail, so I'm off the wait list.
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    Congratulations Cura! How fun!!
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    No worries about being on the younger end of the spectrum.
    There's 2 students who graduated from college 1 month before the program started and a couple others who graduated 1 year before. And some have never had paid/real world work experience and they're doing just fine. Better to start earlier than later I think...
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    leahcheers! that is so wonderful!!!!!! I'm so glad you got into FNP and congrats on your baby!! i'm so excited for you! keep in touch ok?? are you on the FB group? can't wait to hear how everything goes! xoxoxo
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    to readl, i would say just make sure your personal statement is consistent with the mission of the school. my focus is on women in underserved communities that lack access to quality feminist GYN care - this is in keeping with the school's commitment to social justice, et al. they like hands on clinical experience too. if you are able to volunteer in a health care setting where you work with your target population, and provide hands on care, that is just dynamite. other languages spoken always helps. just being clear about why you want to be a healthcare provider is huge!
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    my darlings,

    now that you've been at school for a week or so, would you tell me your first impressions? i would love to hear more about what's going on while it's still fresh!

    i'm doing fine, getting ready to knock 'em dead at the interview next time


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