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Anyone already applying at Seattle U? Which track? I haven't finished my pre-req's, so I am probably not too competitive this year, but I am going to apply anyway. I am applying for the nurse-midwife track and my background is... Read More

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    Quote from flaneur
    Thank you flaneur...that worked

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    Just curious, from reading all the posts I have sort of lost track. How many people who got into the program are actually from the SEA area?

    Calinca I am going to add ya on facebook!
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    Pooja, Luluj, Overtone, and anybody else - care to meet this week at the Bellevue Square for a coffee? I think we need to exchange some ideas!
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    Organic/Biochem final tomorrow.

    Available on Wednesday or Thursday for coffee at Bellevue Square.

    Alternately, there is a coffee shop near the entrance to Bellevue College that has lots of parking and a meeting room that is available for no charge. If interested I could arrange to reserve it. It has WiFi access.
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    I'm free most evenings this week, except Tuesday. I'd be interested in meeting you all. Best of luck on that final, Cura!
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    excellent! As soon as everybody posts, I'll send you an private message.
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    Quote from Calinca
    Just to add: I will apply again in november.

    I'm like this: I cry a lot when I'm defeated. I'm a latina, you see. But then I get up. What I don't do, ever, is to give up.

    The thing the is upsetting the most is that I won't get to share the class with you guys, not the fact that I'm going to have to reapply.

    I'll take this time to make my application stronger, to volunteer a lot, to travel, to stay with my babies and enjoy as much as I can their wet kisses and all their firsts. It's only 1 year. I will see you all in 2013, if the world doesn't end LOL.

    I learned a great deal with you all, thank you so much for that. If anyone wants to keep in touch, my name is Luciana Svilpa and you can find me on facebook.
    To me this means two things:

    1. They didn't explicitly say you weren't on the waitlist so I'm still going to keep hoping.
    2. Even if you don't get in this year, we'll all just figure out the kinks and experience the growing pains before you so that when you join us next year, we can help you to avoid them and have a better experience than we even had.

    Also, I sent you a friend request so that I can hear about the updates as far as you applying later this year!
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    Christy! You're awesome and thanks for cheering me up!

    It's a very strange year, in terms of waitlist. I think I only saw one person from here saying that they were in it, and it's because they called. I am curious to see what's the wording on the actual letter. Funny how the other years we only saw accepts and waitlists and now we have a bunch of rejects. I remember someone saying they were interviewing 50 people for the CNM track, which to me seems a lot, judging that they only keep about the same number of accepts in the waitlist. Anyways, now I am starting to believe the 50 people being interviewed! hahaha, oh well.

    I already started my application for next year. This is going to happen, that's all there's to it! I am going to meet with the other rejects and we are going to figure out our mistakes together. I see it like an exam, if I failed one of them it doesn't mean that I'm not going to prepare for the final. I love strategizing.

    Thanks for the friend request, I already accepted you. I will love to follow you in your journey as well! And I will most definitely love to have you guys as mentors as I go in, if you let me.
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    Can you guys do friday at around 5/6pm?
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    Quote from Calinca
    Can you guys do friday at around 5/6pm?
    I won't be able to make it tonight

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