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Anyone already applying at Seattle U? Which track? I haven't finished my pre-req's, so I am probably not too competitive this year, but I am going to apply anyway. I am applying for the nurse-midwife track and my background is... Read More

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    Thanks for all the well-wishes.

    I haven't received any news, no email, no letter. I'm going to email graduate school to ask if all the decisions have been made already, so I can move on.
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    I REALLY hope they just forgot to e-mail you or had the wrong e-mail for you
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    I received reply saying that all midwifery decisions were made earlier this week. So, I'll probably receive my letter really soon, today perhaps, saying that I was waitlisted.
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    I decided to Email the office and the reply I received was that decision letters are currently being sent and that I should receive mine next week. It reminds me of the "answer/non-answer" used when I was called by individuals I had interviewed but were likely not going to get the job. Sort of a Human Resources approved/Politically Correct approach to communication.

    I remember someone from an earlier post being told that the intended timeline for decisions was for them to be made by 3/15, so since I didn't receive an acceptance Email yesterday like other AGNP applicants it may mean that I will be waitlisted.

    I recall being rejected as a high school junior when I tried out for a basketball cheerleader position in the spring. I was disappointed for a while. Seemingly from out of nowhere I was called and asked to join the squad late the following fall when someone dropped out when they were offered an acting role in a local dinner theatre production. The 11th hour call was a huge shock (I had put it behind me months ago), and I frantically had to learn the routines, but it turned out OK and led to a memorable season of fun.

    So, congratulations to all who received the Email acknowledging their acceptance. Hang in there waitlisters!
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    Cura and calinca- wishing you all the best in the coming days and weeks as you wait for admissions notifications. Confident that you will be offered a position in the cohort soon. Patience and perserverence!
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    Please don't misconstrue what I have to say as arrogance. I am definitely thankful for being offered admissions, and i feel horrible that others who have set their heart so badly on this has yet to be accepted. I can definitely empathize with the sense of sadness, especially when it comes to this particular school. Their mission is blatantly to help those who are marginalized, so naturally, i feel that being "accepted" is not only an accomplishment, but it's also a testament to what you have been doing with your life up to this point. Of course, feeling this way and the reality of things, are two different things; I've been on this post for a while, and every single one of you (accepted, waitlisted, not accepted) are all good, amazing people.
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    My status updated this morning to the "decision ... asap" message.

    Not certain if this is significant as to my status for being accepted or placed on the wait list, but it looks like the backlog is being worked on and the computer is being updated.

    Fortunately, a week from today I will be arriving in Cabo for a week of enjoying a respite from the seemingly unending cold and rain in Seattle the past few months.

    Good news or bad -- life is better under a warm sun at the beach!
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    And with a fruity drink in hand
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    That's for sure! I'm hoping I'll be on a Caribbean cruise a week from tomorrow Hope you have a great time under the sun Cura! and come back to good news!

    Kalium and GreyWarden, are you two local? - sorry if I missed where you're from in previous posts.

    Also, for those who've received their notifications in the mail, I remember one other person (Lenin, I believe) was notified that several of her prerequisite classes were being questioned or not accepted - I got the same thing. And the comments that were on my Prereq sheet didn't correspond to what I'd actually submitted. i.e. for all the courses I CLEPd, the comment was that it didn't show up on my undergrad transcript from more than 10 years ago. ??

    Anyway, I emailed grad admissions about it and was first told I needed to resend my official CLEP scores. As I questioned more, they checked and realized they already had my scores. Then I was told the College of Nursing (vs Grad Admissions) is now the one handling all prerequisite issues and concerns. After sending a few more emails, I finally got a POC in the actual College of Nursing, but she's not in the office until Mon. Anyway, if anyone is having similar problems, I'm interested in what you've been told so far...
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    Yes, I'm in Seattle already. I'm actually posting more to the Facebook group instead of here. Are you in that group too?

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