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Anyone already applying at Seattle U? Which track? I haven't finished my pre-req's, so I am probably not too competitive this year, but I am going to apply anyway. I am applying for the nurse-midwife track and my background is... Read More

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    My most sincere congratulations to all who got in - you all deserve it!

    I'm sad, of course. Along with sadness, there's a bit of embarassment and disapointment for ruining everything during the interview. It was in my hands. But I'm also very tired, only got 3 hours of sleep last night and had to take my son to the pediatrician for his shots. So my battery is running really low right now.

    Please, keep coming back!

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    No letter in today's mail : AGNP

    Maybe tomorrow ... ?
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    Quote from Calinca
    My most sincere congratulations to all who got in - you all deserve it!I'm sad, of course. Along with sadness, there's a bit of embarassment and disapointment for ruining everything during the interview. It was in my hands. But I'm also very tired, only got 3 hours of sleep last night and had to take my son to the pediatrician for his shots. So my battery is running really low right now.Please, keep coming back!
    Calinca, as far as I'm concerned you should join the Facebook group bc I feel you will be right alongside me in this cohort. Do not beat yourself up too much about the interview, though I know this is easier said than done. You're so awesome and you belong in the program.
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    No email for me either. Looks like I am waitlisted. Hopefully not too far down the list. I am definitely feeling that "epic sadness" because I think I was a great candidate and Seattle U is exactly in line with my goals and missions, like you said LeahCheers and Pooja. I think I blew it at the interview. Super disappointing...

    Calinca, I have a good feeling for you and hope that we both make it off the waitlist! Along with everyone else waitlisted! They don't know what they'll be missing otherwise!

    Sassafras, was your email personalized or a mass email to all Community/Public Health applicants who were accepted? I think you and I are the only Community/Public Health People on the forum ( at least that have posted anything!)

    And now I have to study and take a test tonight. Yeah. That's going to go real well.
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    calinca. as far as i'm concerned, you are our sage. you will make it. and so will everyone else!
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    I really think you'll make it off the waitlist. I'll be praying and keeping my fingers crossed just in case.
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    Signed on to check and and see what is up with everyone. Calinca- did you get waitlisted? I am in disbelief about how crazy/disorganized this process seems! I figured everyone would know for sure by now.

    I will say this, if you dont get it surprisingly you move on fast. I didn't get an interview so of course it was an easier process to mourn something I didn't come close to getting. However I do remember that a friend of mine got admitted to CNM a few days before the program started. Stressful but now she is done with the program! Oddly enough she is not working as a midwife yet, she is working as an RN. But the point is, if its now or later- and you are all driven, it will happen.

    I myself started looking into other ways I could get the satisfaction I want in a career. I am looking into OT because I really think it actually might be just as satisfying for me-we shall see. I want independence and to make a difference in my patients lives. I might just be applying to SU again though, maybe another year will help who knows.

    Lastly-another note for those who don't make it this year. On Monday I went to an appointment to establish care with a PCP who happens to be a graduate from the program. The first year she applied, she didn't get in. Said she bombed the interview. Anyhow, I walked out of the appointment and realized I would never ever go to anybody BUT a nurse prac. for a PCP. I got the best care I have ever had! The rest of my day was great because she was so amazing.
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    Hello to all of you!

    I've spent the past few weeks reading over some of these posts without the courage to say anything.
    I was invited for an interview rather late in the game. I wasn't able to travel to Seattle for my interview due to a family emergency so I interviewed on the phone last Monday.
    I honestly thought I did horrible on my interview as many of you have said.

    After reading through these posts, I feel so grateful to be joining such an amazing group of people. I've been accepted to the FNP program! I haven't checked emails, my status, or anything.
    I interviewed, then emailed the next day saying thank you and left it up to chance. I don't have any details other than the email I received confirming my now I'm waiting for the envelope in the mail! I really thought I was going to throw up when I read the email this morning. It was very unexpected!

    I'm from Denver, by way of Omaha. I've spent the past six years in Denver. Honestly, I've never been to Seattle. I've always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest though! I am anxious to spend the next few years in another "transplant" city!

    I'm obviously overwhelmed, as I'm sure many of you are, at what I need to do in the coming weeks. Any insight about places to live in Seattle would be appreciated, considering I am totally new to the area! I would really appreciate any guidance and am open to a roommate (if someone else in the program is searching for one).

    I look forward to meeting some of you in just a few short months! To those of you that are wait-listed or did not receive acceptance, keep your chins up! You're all amazing men and women and obviously chose this profession due your compassion and drive! I wish all of you the best of luck and would love to continue hearing how each of you are during in your pursuits. My apologies for joining this thread so late in the game!


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    Hello everyone!

    Since all the lurkers are one by one coming out of the closet, I've decided to follow suit! It's that psychological phenomenon I've followed this thread for a few weeks, also lacking the courage to say anything since alot of you here - Calinca, Pooja, Lenin, Justine, etc. have been on the thread so long and have already established such wonderful relationships. I just didn't want to seem like an outsider barging in. But I have to tell all of you that I have found such comfort, inspiration and most of all SANITY in reading everyone's posts, esp during the times I felt like I was going crazy waiting in anticipation over every step of this path... I check this thread at least 3-5 times a day if not more! I've been more addicted to reading about all of you than I am to Facebook!

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you, esp the two shizniz future colleagues - Kalium and GreyWarden! I received my email this morning as well. Congratulations to everyone who's been accepted!! To those who've been waitlisted or are still in limbo - esp Calinca, Pooja and Leahcheers (forgive me if I've missed anyone) - I truly hope that you either receive good news soon or move right off that list and into the program. You are all an amazing group of individuals whose stories, dedication and passion are utterly deserving of this chance. What an exciting group of people I have the pleasure of being classmates with in the very near future...every single one of you. My prayers, positive vibes and crossed fingers to all still anxiously waiting...
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    Hi everyone, I just checked my email and I'm accepted to FNP!!! I was about to go to sleep but logged on to check this site and saw all of you discussing your emails. What a surprise and a blessing!! Please let me know if other people in Seattle want to get together sometime before the program starts. For those of you who are wait listed, keep your passion and commitment to alive. We need you in the healthcare field! What a wild ride these last few months have been...and it's only just beginning.

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