Resume for Preceptor

  1. Have any of you been asked for provide a resume for a preceptor? Do you tailor it specifically to the preceptorship or just use your regular RN resume?
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  3. by   Nurse Beth
    ...your preceptor wants your resume, or are you the preceptor?
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  4. by   juan de la cruz
    Wait, is the preceptor asking you (an NP student?) for a resume prior to starting your clinical rotation? That in a way makes sense in that the preceptor can gauge your background in nursing or health care and not have to focus on areas you must already know based on the nursing experience you are bringing with you. It's a way to tailor you education based on your existing knowledge base. I've not heard of this as a protocol in NP programs but typically preceptors ask students informally on their first day where they work, how long they've been a nurse, and in what types of units or settings they've worked at. If this is the situation, honesty and thoroughness is what you should do.
  5. by   Jules A
    I know a few who do it when asked to precept to see if they feel they are able to provide the prospective student with the clinical experiences they will require. Usually that translates into finding out how much and what kind of RN experience they have before agreeing to precept. Students act as if NPs are being cruel not to precept everyone who comes down the pike with no idea how much time and effort go into precepting properly.
  6. by   my3suns
    I have had a preceptor ask for my resume, what class I would be taking that term, and how it applies to the clinical setting she would be precepting me in. I didn't change anything on my resume, I used the one I had to use to apply for grad school.
  7. by   AGNP
    I had one page resumes with concise bullet point style sheets printed out for prospective clinical sites when I was going through my NP program. This was me looking for my own site, and when meeting with the clinical manager I wanted to hand them something to have as a reference and remember me by. I included a headshot of myself at the top along with my contact info.