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Hello, I have been admitted to Ohio University's online FNP program for Spring 2013. the semester is supposed to start January 14. I have been very excited about this program, although there were some issues along the way.... Read More

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    Yes, expecially when you have to go through all these leaps & bounds. University's should not put perspective students through this type of emotional roller coaster. You tried, they failed.. You shall conquer!

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    To anyone who is considering attending OU and live out of state please, please reconsider. I had an awful experience with the FNP program. I live in the state of Florida and had to drop out of the program because the school does not have the necessary "State" agreements in order for our clinicals to count towards graduation. Understand this has nothing to do with the school have national accredation. There was another student from Texas that left the program when I did, time wasted...

    I did my research, talked with the advisors and was assured they had everything in place for me to attend as an out of state student. They were not and to my understanding are not prepared. This is not an issue with OU only. All online programs are suppose to have agreements with each state for the students that are enrolled in the program so as you continue your search for an online program make sure they have that agreement and if they don't beware.

    This is not a new issue many schools have just failed to comply not that it will soon be a federal requirement and will affect financial aide they are scrambling and it seems as though the list is long for approval... Search the web and become familiar with this issue. I'm not on my personal computer so attach the multiple links but it won't be hard to find...

    As far as the communication with the staff, it's just as bad and mainly because no on knows what is really going on... Towards the end there was a lot of avoidance because they didn't have answers. I never ever received a letter, call, or e-mail about the problem we heard it through the grapevine...

    Bottom line if they can't produce the letter of agreement and from your current experience just look elsewhere... Best of Luck
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    Well said. I received no communication either. And when I finally called the admissions counselor (after not hearing anything) she was abrupt and rude...had no explanation as to why I had been so misled. I feel sorry for the people who actually started and had to withdraw. What a waste. Yes, be forewarned and well prepared.
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    I was accepted and planning to attend University of Cincinnati's online MSN program, so this is extremely concerning since I am from Texas. My state isn't on their "restricted states" list, but I found another thread on here for Walden where a Texas resident had concerns about clinicals being counted with online programs. I've talked to the Texas Board of Nursing who told me that if it's accredited and recognized by the state of Ohio, it should be fine, but clearly there is some more requirements with state agreements. I've contacted my advisor and awaiting response. Anyone have any other advice on how to proceed? I'm also wondering how the school/state/federal govt is handling all this since financial aid loans could potentially be cancelled if a school misleads in such a way.
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    Quote from brittRN

    I have been admitted to Ohio University's online FNP program for Spring 2013. the semester is supposed to start January 14. I have been very excited about this program, although there were some issues along the way. However, I recently received an e-mail from the program director that stated "You may have already been notified by the Graduate College that you were admitted for the Spring 2013 Term; however, the program has reached enrollment capacity." It then goes on to say I can either wait until summer or drop out. They sent this e-mail December 20 - 3 weeks before the semester starts. I received a letter in October telling me I was admitted - it states nowhere that this could change. I have been talking with my advisor often since November, and received information of the classes I am to take, dates for Orientation, and textbook information. I am extremely disappointed in this program. I have cut down hours at work in order to focus on classes and cannot get those hours back. I was told by the advisor that admission to this program is on a first come, first serve basis, and that I was among the first group of students admitted. I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues with Ohio University, and if anyone knows if they can legally tell a student they are admitted and then withdraw that admission due to their mistake? I am so angry about this! Thanks for your input!
    Sounds fishy to me. I am (was?) enrolled in the program. I started last summer. I had a 3.0 GPA until this last semester. I got a D- in my last class and cannot move on (the class was a total joke, btw). The "instructor" is a psych nurse and I am unsure of what qualifications she has to teach at the graduate level other than having a MSN she had.She was rude and quite unprofessional and NEVER any help Anyhow, I did not deserve this grade. I emailed her several times and got no response, emailed the director and got no response, either. I feel like I am being pushed out or weeded out of the program and not because I should be, but for some other unknown reason. I think that the uni is over their heads with this program and this is their solution. I would steer clear of this program. I am totally bummed but it isn't going to stop me. I am planning on applying to two local programs and plan to fight tooth and nail to receive the grade I deserve.
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    Keep us posted.. I was thinking of going for the FNP @ OU...somebody there needs to slow down and take each student seriously instead of continuing to take peoples money without a thought for how it is impacting their lives...I imagine there have been SO many complaints that some of what is happening is a backlash for accreditation bodies
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    They raked me over the coals and I would never recommend their MSN program no matter what. After they reeled me in and urged me to "hurry and get everything in" I never heard back. I finally got some rejection notice and followed up...was treated rudely and the rest is history. Adios OU...FOREVER.
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    sofla98, I'm sorry that this school has done this to you. I also am very disappointed, but I am not letting it get me down. I am applying to other schools and want a good education - as I'm sure you do too. It doesn't sound like that's what you were getting at OU if they were grading you unfairly and weren't educated enough to be teaching the classes. I agree that they don't have a solution to their problems except finding ways to kick students out. I think they are accepting too many students and don't have the means to keep up with them. This school is horrible with communication, they will avoid you by all means possible. I would not recommend this proram to anyone! Good luck to you - I'm sure you will find a good school that will provide you with a good education and the grades you deserve!
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    Britt, were you in the program as well? So far this is what has happened over the last week:______________. NOTHING!!!

    I was informed this evening that the grade was changed...But to what, I have no idea because the same grade is still posted.

    I also requested to know what the other students in my "group" got on their final papers. Why we are doing group work at this level of education is BEYOND me. I'm sorry, but when I routinely get A's on all my papers and have had papers used as examples of not only awesome writing but impeccable APA format, I know that I can write a decent paper in my sleep and an outstanding one with a bit of effort, lol! The final paper for the one class was a grouper, and I kept telling the self proclaimed (total brown nosing, PIA, nancy nurse type) leader that there were several formatting issues and basic grammar mistakes made, she got REALLY upset and went off on a tangent in an email to me. I can only imagine what she sent to the professor. I wrote my own paper (the syllabus/rubric did not say ONE paper per group) and turned it in. In theory if there is only one paper per group, then we ALL should have the same grade, right??? Well, I just got a very nasty response after spending five freaking hours rewriting that train wreck (I'm still not sure who even wrote it, I think someone just copy and pasted everything from the DB posts ) that there is only one paper per group. I call BS on that, especially at this level of education!!!

    This has been a total PIA. This is the first time I have had an issue at OU and it has been a total nightmare to get fixed. Not to mention, the spring semester started today. I am still not registered for the first class for the semester and now am a day behind everyone else!

    I am looking into other schools. The schools near me (U.C.) don't have a good rep at all. In fact, I don't know ONE person that has gone there or is a current student there that has one good thing to say about their program!

    I am just giving all this up to God at this point. My head hurts just thinking about it and this whole thing is stressing me out! As far as the communication goes, up until this point it has been good. But now, I give them a big fat D-, lol. The one guy said he left me a voicemail today, which I did not receive...I wonder what excuse they will come up with tomorrow...

    I just want my grade fixed and I will go on in the program. I am almost a YEAR IN! I will be starting clinicals and be done before I know it!!! I would REALLY HATE to have to start over in a new program, so I just gotta pray that all the issues get resolved and be more cognizant and top of things regarding my grades, etc...
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    Have you checked into Miami U? I was going to check their website to see what they offer...

    Haha on the taking us serious part. My original email to them about the grade issues was almost a month ago. Still isn't resolved. The one grade was raised to a B-...Even though I provided her all the "missing" work from Blackboard. I am a nurse, not a freaking IT person. Not my fault that BB has so many bugs!

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