Is it normal for new NPs to have like a new grad internship?

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    I know when I first graduated from nursing school i had a 12 week internship when I started my job. As I'm thinking about going back to school I'm thinking back on my first year as a nurse and how hard it was. I'm just curious how much training most employers give. Thanks for the input guys.

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    I've heard as a new NP you're pretty much expected to function solo. I'm sure it varies from location to location
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    That's a scary thought
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    Not necessarily. So long as your program did a good job of preparing you for independent practice I would think it would be doable. More so than being a fresh RN starting out in a high acuity ICU lol
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    In my state (Maine), new NP's work with another NP, MD, or DO for 2 years. After those 2 years, NP's may enter independent practice. It's kind of like a residency.
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    I came to a specialty practice with no experience in that specialty (nephrology). My RN background was 10 years level one ER and 2 years adult ICU.

    I got 5 months orientation/training.
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    Thanks for the infiormaton
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    Yeah I was under the impression( from speaking with NP's) that orientation wasn't the norm. Once again I'm sure it varies place by place but I'm definitely glad to hear that they do offer training in some places
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    My experience has been that in a primary care office, there really isn't an orientation, you just see fewer patient a day to start. But for acute care, there seems to be around 3 months orientation.

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