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New FNP student at Walden University.

  1. 0 I just got accepted to start the FNP program this March at Walden University. Getting very nervous about it. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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    I also got accepted in the online FNP program for march. I'm nervous and excited too. I'll see you there!
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    Do you still have to take pre-requisites? I have to do philosophy and statistics first. Good luck!
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    I am to start the NP program at Walden in March also.. Are any of you in GA?? Im concerned the GA State Board does not approve Walden for NP progeam & I hv been trying to reach them for a few days but hv not been able to... im getting nervous about starting Walden without knowing if my state boards approves...
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    If you are anxious because your are affraid the program is difficult, your fears will soon be realized. It is very difficult and time consuming as it should be. It has to meet the rigid standard of the CCNE accreditation board, so that you can sit for state boards. Any nurse practitioner program that is easy, I dont want to be a part of. It is our responsibility to to be as well educated as we can so that we can perform out dities well. I chose Walden for its program length, cost, reputation, and convenience. I am starting my 3rd quarter March 4th, and have managed to scrape out a 4.o GPA by the skin of my teeth. I spend 30-40 hours per week on school work and work part time. Some in our class work full time, but it is tough on them. Do the work, study hard, dont procrastinate and never underestimate this program and you should be fine. If your looking for an easy way out....this is not the school for you. Many students have dropped out of this program because they unberestimated the rigorous demands.
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    Mark this is very inspiring. I am starting the program June 3rd and I know it is going to be tough. You have done a great job so far, so please keep in touch and let us all know how you are progressing and about any problems you encounter. I work full time and will continue too unless It becomes to unmanageable. I am prepared to go part time if necessary. Thanks again
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    Hello FutureAPnur5e,

    Did you ever complete your FNP at Walden and passed board exam for FNP in GA? Im just curious because trying to decide what program to go to. thank you in advance for your input. Also was it hard to find a preceptor?
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    I'm a Walden FNP Student finishing up my Assessment course right now. I could go on and on about Walden, (good and bad) but he's some short points from what I've learned so far. Stay ahead of the DQ's and 1-2 wks ahead. You will right a million of them, so be familiar with APA and buy a program. Start finding Preceptors now...this is HUGE!!!! Walden does not help with this, as is the case with most other schools. Read every day; and do NOT take two classes simultaneously for your last three online courses: Patho, Pharm, Assessment. Its a mistake! Trust me..I did it. If you have any other questions I'm more than happy to help...PM me, email or whatever you need. :-)

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    Thank you so much. I appreciate that. I will keep in touch. Good luck with your practicum.
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    Thank you! Just a series of hoops... anyone who is persistent & dedicated can do it :-)
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    I'm starting waldens adult/ geriatric acute care NP program June 1st. Super excited but also nervous. I've heard the program is really tough. I'd like to keep in touch so keep the thread going!

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    feel free to contact me any time. I dont know a whole lot about the acute care program as Im in The FNP but I bet they share many courses. Let me know if you need anything!

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    That's is so cool... However, I'm starting to lose patience with them. They are giving a run around about things on my clinical form and the work experience form. For example, I didn't put the exact date like 5/8/2015 instead I wrote it as Aug 14 or Aug 2014. So they wanted the day as well. Also on my clinical form, I put the site but not the person name on the form. I left the person name blank because I wasn't sure who it is going to be yet due to locations are like Walgreens or CVS that say don't contact the providers. Its a program they have for FNPs. Anyway, it's been a long road. I have to wait for the commuter to review my application. So they wanted me to be so thorough and not to be denied. Anyway, I wanted to know did any of you go through such difficulty?