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  1. I have a few questions I need answered. First off, I am considering going for my BSN once I get my ADN. 1. How many more years is it to get my MSN NP? 2. Could I possibly get 2 MSN's one as an NP the other as a Nurse educator? 3. How much do NP's make I'm in the North Texas region? 4. As an NP can I specialize? 5. Like I know once I get out I wanna work ED, and/or NICU... Right now those are pretty much the only two I want to work in. 6. Can I be a nurse practitioner in one or both of these areas? 7. I was thinking Grand Canyon University to get my Bachelor's and Masters has anyone completed either of these programs? 8. What did you think of them? Sorry I know it's a lot of questions, any advice would be appreciated! Thank You!
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  3. by   EarthhAngel2013
    Also, I want to do both ED and NICU as a Nurse Practitioner, so do I need a pediatric Nurse practitioner program, or an acute care nurse practitioner program or both? Or should I try working in both as a nurse and decide what my true passion is, and just get the one? And what does Post Masters Certification and do I have to have this?
  4. by   EarthhAngel2013
    Ok another question. Do I need to go to grad school, or can I get a certificate? Can you treat and Dx and Prescribe with a certificate? How many years would it take. I should have my BSN by 2015, at least.
  5. by   jjrodriguez
    To work in the ED, you will need to go for Acute Care NP. For NICU, you will need to do a post-Master's Neonatal NP. Typically the MSN takes 2-3 years depending on the program, then the post-Master's would probably be another year or two. Just know that it is probably required or highly required that you have a year of acute care and NICU experience respectively before starting these programs.

    Some MSN have a dual role as educator. University of South Alabama has an option to add the Educator role to your program plan.

    I am not sure how much NPsmake in North TX, but according to ADVANCE, NPs in the ED & NICU make the highest salaries, but that can vary by region.

    You would need to go to grad school. I don't think you can just get a certificate. The post-Master's is if you already have a Master's concentration in one field and want to go for another field. All together, MSN plus Post-Master's would probably take about 4-5 years part time.

    Hope these answer your questions!
  6. by   paul29
    I'M looking for some advice on studying for my FNP exam,I took it twice with the ANCC body and failed.I'm sooo frustrated I don't know what to do I failed by 11 points.Can someone advise me. I'm also apprehensive about taking the test again.I used Fitzgegald,I just bought Leik,I heard someone mention that this book has a lot of errors .can anyone respond to this.Can anyone recommend any CDs for preparing for this exam.
  7. by   timmedico
    You might look into UT Tyler. They have great online ADN-BSN programs, as well as ADN-MSN. Consider all universities in Texas, no matter the distance. Some have very good programs, all of which are online. There's a lot of research that goes into deciding what you want to do and what courses of action it will take to get there.
  8. by   hgrimmett
    Paul29 you might try posting your questions as a new topic.

    For the OP: the time it takes to finish school depends on you and on the college/university that you attend. How many credits you take each semester and whther or not the school offers the classes you need when you want to take them.

    for NP, you'll need the BSN and you'll need grad school for sure, unless you attend a program like Frontier University's ADN to MSN Bridge program. Basically you skip the BSN degree and go straight for a Master's. ADN-MSN Bridge | Frontier Nursing University It's mostly an online program too. This is also the school founded by Mary Breckinridge herself. if you really want to be an NP, this might be a faster way to do it.