Mailed acceptance packet for USA now what!

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    So I mailed all of the necessary forms and completed the online background check and medical document manager. Everything states complete online on certified profile and I'm just waiting on a letter from the school with my Jagmail and financial aid info. Anyone have any idea how long it will be before I am offered financial aid? I filled out my FAFSA a while back and filled out ye university's form back in April before I was even accepted I need to find out regarding how much I will be offered so that I can buy books. I feel like I should be doing something right now but according to the webpage I have everything done and just waiting on the above.
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    I have to get immunization records before i can send my packet in to the school. I believe there is a 6hr webinar in August. Looking forward to starting school this year.
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    Me too mindy, now what?!! Let us know when you get your student ID and such. Thanks
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    Congrats on completing your acceptance packet and the certified profile stuff! I agree with you, it feels as though I should be doing more at this point. I am also anxious to know if I will be able to do the accelerated track, as I would need to adjust my work schedule. It is still unclear exactly how and when we find out which track we are approved for.
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    Mindy, I wondered the same thing as I had completed it all and couldn't view my award letter. I contacted the Financial Aid office and they said they can't release the information until the College of Nursing submits the list of accepted students. Maybe they do this after they receive our acceptance packet??? I hope it's soon because I really need to plan!
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    Now network with providers, plan ahead for what is likely to come, identify possible preceptors, manage your finances assuming you will get in, etc.
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    Hey Mindy!

    I'm on the same boat! Just got done and completed. I guess we just wait patiently for that Jag mail, so we can register!! And I agree with zmansc, network for providers. I've read that it might be a process!!! I have the book list ready for the upcoming class, just want to start already =)
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    They are supposed to be sending the letter with info out by the end of this month, and we are able to register beginning Aug 1. I'm ready to start too - and be done!
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    Oh ok. I know a portion of tuition is due in early august so I just want to be sure financial aid has gone through before then. It will all work out, I'm just ready for all the details to be worked out so I can focus on schoolwork.
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    I talked to financial aide yesterday, it appears they're used to the NP programs doing everything late and everything should be taken care of in time. If anything, they can't send you a bill if you aren't signed up for classes and you can't sign up for them unless you have a JAG number.

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