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I have applied for the BSN to DNP program at Loyola University New Orleans. Has anyone been a student in this program or are u currently enrolled? I would appreciate any thoughts or advice on the... Read More

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    Congratulations to all. Please let me know what you think of your programs now that you have started. Interested in appying to the FNP-DNP program

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    There have been a few kinks here and there so far but I really like it over all. This is the 2nd semester and so far so good. We do have to find our own clinical sites for the Spring and that is proving difficult for some.
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    I live in Houma, LA and am interested in starting the NP program in the fall. I'm a bit confused though. Is it true that they no longer offer the adult NP program?
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    Do they help you any with preceptors? Im in the Northern LA area and am considering this program in the future and curious how well that works.
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    The DNP program is only FNP. That is the only program available. If you live in LA you will have a much easier time with clinicals because they give you a list of people that already have precepted before with active agreements. We mdo have to find our on sites and those of us out of state are basically on our own.
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    i have a question..anyone can answer..thanks in advance...so i dont have to live or do my clinicals in louisiana and still be admitted to the program?!? did someone at the school give me wrong information?!?thanks
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    No you do not have to live in Louisiana to attend this program. You are responsible for finding all of your clinical placements though. This has been the most stressful part of the program. They offer ZERO assistance finding clinicals.

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