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International Editions of textbooks

  1. 1 Hi everyone,

    I am getting ready to start my MSN in a few weeks. The cost of books is quite a doozy!!! I have to get the 10th edition of Bates Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking. With the cd and access code it's going to be about $100. But I can get the International Edition for under $50. It's paperback and I run the risk of the pages being printed in B&W, which would be a bummer with all the pictures it has. Has anyone tried this route before with books?

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    I've done undergrad IE textbooks and my wallet thanked me! I haven't had a single B&W IE textbook, but the formatting was a little different (different page numbers or the picture was on a different page than in the US edition).

    Best of luck to you on your MSN!
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    I got the international edition for the chemistry class I took this summer... while everyone else paid $170 for a used book, I paid $60. It was the EXACT same book - same page numbers and everything. The only difference was that it was a paperback, so one thing that was printed on the inside front cover on the hardcover was an appendix on the paperback. It probably depends on the individual book that you are buying, so make sure you do your research and read the reviews, but I'd say overall go for it.
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    I had an international book for Anatomy and Phys. Like Rammstein's book, it was a paperback but exactly the same... but about $100 cheaper!
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    I've never used an IE, but from what others are saying it sounds like a great deal if you do your research and make sure it's not in B&W. Where do you purchase international editions? I still need to pick up a couple of texts for my grad program too!
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    There are many IE of books on ebay and Abesbooks. I haven't had much luck getting sellers to get back to me about the contents before they were purchased by someone else. Actually, I just scored the US version used (but with the cd and access code unused) on ebay for $65 (reg $115) so the point is now moot for me. But I think I will be keeping my eyes open for IE in the future!
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    I bought the ie version of this book. I will let you know how it goes. I saved about 100 bucks and so far everything seems the same but I haven't had my first day of class yet.